Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Ignore My Tears, but Add More Happiness...

Mumbai (Sapno Ki Nagri: The Place Of Dreams) where people come from different regions with their dreams and do many sacrifices to achieve it. I am sharing a real story of someone’s life with whom I met fortunately on my visit to Mumbai. She came here 40 years ago with her husband in the search of good job and better life, but what god had written on her way was very painful and tough.

The story begins here:

It was a Ganesha Festival time where Mumbai crowded with a lot of devotees to get a glance of Ganesha. Some people joined long queue (of 1.5+ lakhs people) for Lalbaugh Charan-Darshan and some did Mukh-Darshan. Some people wanted to have “Siddhivinayak” Darshan where some visited nearby Pandaal.

While crossing the narrow street after having Darshan of Ganesha; I noticed a woman was selling beautiful flowers and garlands. I wanted to capture those natural colors of flowers through my camera so I stepped little bit toward her. While changing the setting of my camera to take the perfect shot; I noticed she was making garland of flowers from small needle with tears in her eyes. It seems she was in any pain, to know more in detailed I walked further. I asked “Amma (Aai: In Marathi) – Yeh Phoolon Ki Mala Kitne Ki hain” and she replied – 30 INR. I started more conversations in a different approach to get the reason behind her tears, but she didn’t tell anything. So many thoughts were coming on my mind e.g., “No-one purchased anything from her shop since morning”, “May be she is not feeling well” or “Having problem at her home”.

I requested a lot and shared tough phases of my family; also promised her “Will purchase more stuff from her shop” but she was replying the same phrase all the time “Kuch NHI Huya Beta, Main Thik Hun”. I replied “If you are okay, then why tears are in your eyes”; I was sure that she was hiding something. Finally, I convinced her & she agreed to reveal the reason behind her tears and few incidents.

Sudha belongs to a small town in Uttar Pradesh and came to Bombay 40 years ago with her husband after marriage. She had higher dreams and excited to start new phase of her life. Initial few days they had spent their day & night around station, park, street and sometime near temple to find out some job to do.  After some days, her husband got the job to load and unload the items for new building construction. To help her husband she also wanted to join, but her husband didn’t agree. He wanted his wife should do something different so she started making garlands of flower and selling it near temples. Both got the shelter near the construction area and every day they go for their jobs & return in the evening with handful of money. Month by month; Year by year things improved and they started putting their steps to fulfill their basic needs.

Added new member in the family that was a boy “Vinod”. They wanted to give all the happiness to their son that they didn’t get it. They started working hard and hard; extend the working times and sacrificed many things in order to save something for Vinod’s education and fulfill his necessities. When Vinod turned to 4 years then they shifted to their own small home (a box shaped room having one window and door where people can customize it according to their needs; I mean to say use the little space for Kitchen, Bed Room and Bath, etc.)

Sudha wanted her son to study more and become an Engineer in the future. After some days of struggle, she got one ray of hope; her son got an admission in some school. Ramesh (Sudha’s husband) advised Sudha to reduce her working time and give some time to Vinod in order to take care and all where he was ready to work 16+ hours every day. Sudha was very strong, had will power and always wanted to help her husband so she came up with one option. She decided to work near temple in the morning to mid-noon and after that tailoring work at her home under small bulb so that she would take care of her son and contribute something for her family. In parallel Ramesh learned from his co-workers and got an expertise over Tiles, Granite and Pipe fitting. He switched to new firm with his new skill sets and started earning good money. Both Ramesh and Sudha followed the same routine next 15 years and managed to fulfill all the things for their son.

Whereas Vinod was growing day by day and completed his 1oth & college with good marks. He joined electrical firm and got the hold on some technical stuff.  Slowly-Slowly he became a good Electrical Technician in his firm. By god grace they purchased new home (First 1 bhk around 400 sq. ft. in remote area) and sold the old one. Vinod had taken some loan where maximum contribution done by Sudha & Ramesh (that was the only Punji which they saved for their future use).

At least they got the space to live their life comfortably. During the same course of time Ramesh got infection on his eyes because of dust and tiny particles which were coming out while cutting the tiles. Therefore, he stopped doing tiles work and continued with only Pipe fitting and Sudha continued only her tailoring work.

Everything was happening very well and they were enjoying their life with all the basic amenities. Vinod got married after 2 years and added a new baby in his family that was “Welcome of Sudha’s Grandson”.  He was so cute and spending plenty of time with his grandmother/father.

As we know that No-one holds the time; One side Sudha’s grandson was growing up and another side health of Ramesh was getting down. Economically they were getting little bit weak and Vinod/his wife was worrying about the future of their son. Sudha earned sufficient to manage her and her husband medical expense from tailoring stuff, but the atmosphere of house was getting changed.

Day by day peaceful home turned into intense and Sudha & Ramesh were getting indirect remarks from Vinod/his wife. One month Sudha didn’t get any consignment to work so she asked Vinod to give some money for his dad medicine and check-up. Vinod replied “Sure with unhappy expression” and went to office. Vinod’s wife listened everything; she added some comments in the absence of Vinod to Ramesh which hurts a lot to Sudha & Ramesh. Vinod returned very late on that day with upset mood. When Sudha asked him “Beta Tum Late Ho Gaye… Aaj Kaam Jada Tha Kya” but she got unexpected response in a different tone “Ab Ghar Ki Condition Eshi Hogi to Extra Kaam Karna Padega Na”.

Sudha and Ramesh were tolerating a lot because it was a wish of Ramesh to live together. Sudha had already anticipated about the coming time therefore she requested Ramesh to leave this house with me. Finally, Ramesh agreed and both left the home with a small note in the absence of Vinod & his wife.

She started following her old routine “selling of flowers near temple and tailoring stuff” and was staying with her husband in Dharam Shaala.

The day when she shared this incident with me; it was “Birthday of her son”. While making garland of flowers she was remembering the happiest moment of her life history and requesting God to “Ignore My Tears, but Add More Happiness to My Son’s Life.”

After listening her story tears automatically came from my eyes, but what she has written in the note before leaving the house that is still a question? My intention to put this story is not to force anyone, but just one request… please read the below lines:

Our parents have done a lot of sacrifices for us; today wherever we are and whatever position we have achieved just because of them.

·         They don’t sleep at night when we are in pain…
·         They don’t care about their dreams when it comes to their son/daughter dreams…
·         They don’t care about their health when it comes to fulfill the necessities of their son/daughter…
·         They awake several nights / days when we land in this world to provide the comfort zone…
·         They protect us from the outer world when something goes wrong around their children…
·         They support us when we are not wrong…
·         They correct and guide us when we do mistake…

Must respect your parents and always stand with them till the end of your last breath because you can get anything in your life again but “Parents only one time”.