Sunday, February 21, 2016

Two Strangers - Exchanging Their Prayers !!!

Life is a beautiful journey where we get a chance to interact with many people over the course. If we force our mind little bit to recall those names whom we still remember since childhood, then list will end up within 300. This list includes the name of a person whom we like, dislike, love, don't want to meet and wanted to be in touch.

“An invisible thread connects those who are destined to meet, regardless of time, place and circumstance. The thread may stretch or tangle. But it will never break.” - Ancient Chinese Proverb

I am sharing a fictional story where two strangers are connected together through invisible thread of like, dislike, love, don't want to meet and many more. Even though this story is part of imagination, but assuming it would be real somewhere... 

The story begins here:

Shiva “a farmer’s son” belongs to a small village in Bihar. He had grown up in very cultured environment and respects the value of others. His family had struggled a lot to get the good education for Shiva & his sister. Shiva wanted to follow the foot-steps of his father and helping him on his work every weekend, but his father had planned something for him.

Several instances happened where his father noticed when Shiva took a different stand in Gram Panchayat meeting and convinced the people with practical examples to change their opinion. His father was very well aware about Shiva’s commanding power, never give up attitude and helping others; therefore he wanted his son to join the Army and serve the nation.

One day while working over the field he shared his dream with Shiva and suggested that to join the Army. Shiva never thought about it but to fulfill the dream of his father; he started studying hard from class 8th and within the course of 2 years he developed himself physically and mentally for that examination with full-confidence.

He cleared his 10th standard with flying colors and also cracked the written paper of NDA. Prior to next interview round he got an abdominal pain and got to know that he had a small hole in his lower bone by birth because of that sometime nerves were getting stuck on it & causing pain when body got stretched. Doctor advised his family to get operated as soon as possible else it had a big problem down the line.

After discussion, he got operated where small hole was blocked by external stuff, but he left behind to fulfill the dream of his parents. He started living silent & thinking too much about that incident. Other side his father worried from his son’s condition so he decided to shift him to some other place for graduation after 12th standard.

Shiva appeared for Engineering Test and cleared it with good mark. To continue his engineering degree he moved to Uttar Pradesh. Some Kilometers away from his home and started new phase of his career with zeal & goal. When he entered in 3rd year then another tragedy happened at his home where right hand of his father got poisoned because of snake bite which happened while harvesting the crops. Doctor recommended we need to remove the impacted part quickly else we would be in danger situation.

Operation happened; his father lost his right hand. Slowly –slowly things were getting worse & financially moving to weak stage. Shiva suggested his father to give the land for Rent to someone and take 25% of all sales to continue the basic necessary of our house and requested not to send any money for him.

After college, he started taking tuition classes of engineering subjects and schools (10th to 12th standard). He got enough to continue his education fees, room rent/food etc and some portion he started depositing to his father’s bank account. In final year he got selected in one of the IT Company; his family was feeling very proud that his son had become the First Engineer & selected in MNC from his village.

Shiva got his joining date and joined the office in Mumbai. He was very dedicated IT professional who work hard to meet the deliverable prior to the deadline; tackled the clients & project impediments easily. All the peers and managements were impressed with his dedication and aware about his never give up attitude. They started giving the assignments to him one by one and Shiva delivered it with good results.

After working hours, he started taking coaching classes related to engineering subjects nearby institute.

When Shiva realized that things were in good shape so he decided to shift his family here and did it. All members were again started living together happily.

One day while catching the local train for office; he noticed a girl whom he always imagined in his dream, but in Mumbai local train (Dhaka- Mukhi, Bheed-Bhaad) he lost the eye contact and she got disappeared. He reached office on time, but working in hallucination state. He was trying to force his mind to concentrate on work but something happened; peers also noticed his different behavior.

To refresh his mind during 4 pm, he went to downstairs with his colleague for having some snacks. Fortunately, he noticed the same girl was entering in the same building. He left half-eaten Vada-Pav aside and hurried to follow her. Both got the same lift; his floor was in 3rd, but he pressed 11th button because he was interested to know that she was going to which floor? At 9th floor she stepped out from lift with a pleasant smile. Here was the time when both exchanged their first smile…

Shiva was thanking to god for today’s incident and he felt that something had common in our destiny that why we meet by this way. Next morning he noticed her in same platform & both were waiting for same local train. Train came; both entered inside… Shiva had taken a deep breath and greeted her. Both started their initial conversations and took shared auto-rickshaw to reach to office. Shiva got to know about her a lot… first thing was her name “Gauri”.

Gauri “a pandit’s daughter” belongs to a small city in Rajasthan and joined this firm recently. Rajasthan has artistic and culture traditions which reflect the ancient Indian way of life but still gender inequality was common on that day when Gauri landed in this world. People were not celebrating the birth of girl child and also giving secondary priority to girls as compared to boys. Gauri’s father had created his own way and provided good education & fulfilled all the dreams of her daughter.  Gauri groomed in traditional environment and connected herself with classical dance, arts and craft designing.

She had a faith in god but prior to that she believed on her work. For her “Karma” was the most important. She had started teaching along with her education to empower the girls of our society and also trained them very well. In resultant of Gauri’s hard work… All the girls who got the good learning under Gauri supervision; cracked their academic examination with highest scores as compared to boys; few of the girls cracked the Jobs in Govt. sector.  After Gauri, when she moved to Mumbai to continue the job, then Girls of her society & city started following the path of Gauri; helping others, teaching girls, etc.

Gauri was intelligent, beautiful, very expressive and helping in nature. Gauri never mentioned about the challenges which she faced in her life but Shiva identified that if she won’t be in IT then definitely she would be in teaching profession. 

Slowly-slowly; day by day – Both started sharing the things and feeling happy through-out the day. Gauri noticed the helping nature of Shiva and the way he did for other. She asked Shiva the reason for helping that specific person, but that had a separate story so Shiva stopped it with this phrase “Will let you know one day for sure”. Shiva was feeling more confident in her presence and positive things started happening around him after meeting with Gauri.

Followed the same routine; meeting at platform for same local train, sharing auto and returning home together at same time. The bonding between Shiva and Gauri were getting hard and hard; sometime they understand the problems of each other without even sharing.

Few instances happened where they both proved lucky of each other e.g.
  • Shiva’s father faced some health issue but they were in contact of local doctors where they spending their money like water, but getting no proper result. Shiva was getting upset on those days; noticed by Gauri. Gauri suggested Shiva to go to best hospital for check-up & mentioned that will add in my prayer for your father quick recovery. Shiva followed her word and within few days his father recovered from the disease.
  • During her initial time in the new firm; Gauri faced problem to get the good project. Wherever she joined that projects were getting scrapped by client. One day she shared her frustration to Shiva; he advised her to deal with this situation calmly. While crossing the bridge nearby his home, he noticed one temple where he prayed for Gauri’s new assignment and better career. Also communicated the same to Gauri; if things will go well then please offer some Prasad to that temple. Next day Gauri got the new big project in her firm and shared this good news with Shiva.
  • Down the line many instances happened e.g. health issue at Gauri’s home, Accident of Shiva by bike, someone stolen the purse of Gauri and thrown near railway station, etc. Every time they did prayers for each other and it proved lucky for them.
During Diwali vacation, Gauri went to her native place as it was her first Diwali after job; & here Gauri had created a respective image at Shiva’s heart.

Shiva was in ON & OFF mode but one day he developed the courage and expressed his feeling to her after discussion with his family, but got to know that her parents had already decided someone for her… & she respect her father a lot &  cannot go against their decision.
It was very tough phase for Shiva to destroy the feelings, but he respected the decision of her parents and understood the situation of Gauri. Both ended with this promise that we need to start our parallel life…

Next morning, they started their parallel life & behaving like a strange people who never met before. It was strange for both to behave in this way even though both liked each other thoughts, nature and company. Whenever they had an eye-contact then their eyes were trying to say “Please don’t consider me as a wrong”, but “I don’t want to hurt you  & myself anymore”.

A few days later, Shiva texted her “I respect your decision, but have one request – Can we continue our friendship and promise will never ever discuss on that matter”. Gauri replied “If we continue this friendship, then it will hurt both of us always whenever we meet and our past memories flash back again”.

Shiva left a note “Okay, Thanks for everything, you are the best person I have ever met, I respect your decision and do well at your work-space and life too. You will be in my prayers forever and every day”. Gauri replied the same.

Whenever they faced any problem in their life and if it turned out to positive then they assumed that it happened because of their prayer and last promise which they made.

Practically in current days people are doing the prayers for their purpose first but still we have Rare who do the prayer for others – “Shiva & Gauri are the example who exchanged their prayers even though they went through the phases of like, dislike, love, don’t want to meet, respect but still they are in touch through their exchanged prayer via Lord Shiva”.