Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Old Is Gold ( 31st Aug 2009 )

Old Is Gold: Time flies so fast; today, 7 years ago we all strangers together put our first step to start the career with zeal and curiosity to see the WORLD of IT & now we know what it is. Hope you all are doing good and sailing your boat smoothly at extreme waves. Someone said appropriately that “Time Flies, But Memories Last Forever”; Memories of our CTS training days were really awesome and still alive on our mind. Just we need to recap I am damn sure that it will add smile on your face.

Let’s me force my mind and recall the old memories which we spent together; I am penning down some moments:

 31st August 2009, we came from different cities, states and landed at CTS - IDB Hall, Hinjewadi Phase 1 for joining formality. People were arriving and taking the seats – Leaving the first row empty as usual “Indian Tradition... Lol”. HR. Abraham noticed the odd man out logic where girls took the position on right side and boys on left side. She started giggling and requested to mix up so that she could brainwash our old mindset (Since childhood, we have been opting the same logic & sitting: Girl – Girl & Boy-Boy orders). Induction of firm started, around 30-45 min later one person entered in the IDB hall and took last seat that was Anand. On the special request of HR, he came forward and opted to sit just behind our seat. Whole day we spent by signing the documents, team-building activities and at last closed the day with Group photo.

Next day, we reported CTS academy center (beside to Symbiosis) for 3 months Training Program. Few were disappointed because on Day 1 we got to know that entire batch was for Testing but few were happy because they wanted to explore it. If I am not wrong then we have been asked to sit at Room No. 104 (right hand side from lift).

Testing training started, Individual introduction completed and CR Finalized for our training batch that was Anup “The CR”. Slowly-Slowly we people started interacting with each other and exchanging our information. Training room was awesome: Munna Bhai MBBS type seat arranged, Low lights, Comfortable chairs and Pleasant AC – Providing a pleasant atmosphere to sleep during the lecture. We were three musketeers from same college (Asif, Abhishek and I), so very well aware about each other. We started interacting with others and in couple of weeks a great bonding developed between all of us.

In training room, we followed the same decorum which we learnt since childhood, Boy-Boy & Girl-Girl even though facilitator and HR tried a lot to break this. We used to sit at (first column-prior to last few rows) on left hand side if you enter from the door where usual we keep projector. I was sitting with Amit, behind me Asif, Behind Asif – Anand & Rahul, In the front of me – Sachin, Bhavin and on right hand side – Ninand, Prashant, Abhishek and many more. Some philosopher “Rakesh” was also there but they were sitting on the first column on right hand side. CR was very attentive person so he used to sit in the front row. Prasad, Shesadari on the last row. In our batch – We had “Sweekar” good investor, who used to do trading during lecture time; if I am not wrong then he had also invested good wealth in Satyam Share J. All girls are pretty but chronological order from top to medium; Top one were sitting first column, first desk (just next to entrance door) and In the front of Sachin’s desk. [Guys, not specifying name here beyond my protocol, force your mind to recap those days]. Some girls who used to do lot of chit-chat or some who wanted to remain silent were occupying the second row or third row. [~ Hope you guys have remembered your seat location as of now ~]

Moving to the next segment; along with study – we did lot of fun as well. We were the first batch who organized Team Outing to Alibaug within a month of joining. That trip was awesome and would be remarkable forever. Also went for Valley crossing.

Some exclusive memories captured during training period:
  • Amit was holding “Bhandar” of latest dumps which he used to showcase us and most enthusiastic person “Shrikant” during the spare time.
  •  Rahul & Anand – They had arranged system/application/folder icons on their desktop in such a way which normal person couldn’t imagine. They used to sleep most of time during lecture and taking the advantage of last desk.
  •  Dovetail 2 Exam was tough for all but night-mare for two associates but at last – they cleared it with good marks. We opted “Munna Bhai Style” where they plugged wireless earphone – Started sharing their questions & we were answering from Canteen. I do remember the name of all who joined me for this.
  • How can we forget “Kaluram”, he supported us a lot. During last paper when I got to know that Navdeep scored 100/100 then I requested her to help me on few objective questions (86% I was done but still Yeh Dil Mange More) but Kaluram all of sudden came at my desk as a hurdle. I hugged him tightly and requested Navdeep to check my pending questions and submit the correct – We managed to hold him for 1 min and submitted the answer and got 96%. After that I said sorry to Kaluram and he replied “Don’t do this next time”.
  • Some famous dialogue of movies which were whispered a lot during the training time – “Lala Mere Maa K Khangan Wapas Kar De”, “Paro ne kaha sharab chhod do” [ Kuch Kuch Yaad Aaya Bhai Log]
  • We had some stunt man as well e.g. Bhavin, Ninand - who did some magical stunt on Bhavin’s bike during Lonavala visit, Bus Bike Ki Back Light Tut Gayi Baki Kuch Nhi Huya :)

Few girls we had “Shilpi S” and “Juhi” – What a fluent speaker they were, we were thinking: Why they joined IT, ideally they should apply for News Anchoring Job.

There are lots of memories which we spent together but not captured above because of the limited space or time but I have prepared a video & uploaded in YouTube which will help you to recall those days.

Those days were best days of our life, here we go:

Title: Old Is Gold (31st Aug 2009 )

Thanks to Megha, Jyoti, Shilpi C, Lakshmi, Priyanka, Shital, Vrushali, Snehal, Rajashree, Asif, Abhishek, Anup, Akshay, Parminder, Sandeep, Sanjeeb, Rohit, Sachin, Rahul, Sheshadri, Prasad, Rakesh, Shrikant, Priyanka, Amol, Amit, Shrikant, Ninad, Prachi, Prashant, Sweekar, Juhi, Vishal, Shilpi S, Sahil, Navdeep, Ankit, Yogita, Nandini, Prajakta, Rupali, Bhavin, Sourabh, Anand

Guys, Our Batch Strength were around 44 and I still remember the name of each. 

Be happy wherever you are but always stay connected.

If you like this video then please leaves your comments below with some memories of our training days.

Monday, August 15, 2016

MSIM QA : Independence Day Celebration

Independence Day (Hindi: स्वतंत्रता दिवस) – 15th August 1947, India got freedom from British Empire. Independence Day, One of the three national holidays which is very important for each Indian. Today we are celebrating our 70th Independence Day; so many things got changed in last 70 years and witnessed that our nation is moving toward new horizon after independence. Some major hurdles are still there, but I think it can be removed if any hard rules applied.

I do remember my childhood days, My friends & I were eagerly waiting for this day and going to school in white uniform to see flag hoisting ceremonies. Those days were best days of my life. Leaving bed at 6:00 AM and getting ready for school, at sharp 7:30 AM we had to report in our school. From PT to Parade, we had participated very well and enjoyed that day a lot.

Independence Day or Republic Day – At my home we made Jalebi, Paratha and Poha for breakfast and afternoon we were watching the repeat telecast of Prime Minister’s speech.

Kash WO Purane Din Wapas Aa Sakte”. This statement is a bitter truth and it wouldn’t come again, everyone knows very well. While doing IT Job, when our day starts and ends – Only God knows.

But this Independence day, I have decided to do something different and adopted a very unique format to celebrate with the team and hoping that it would become a history for others.

Let me share some background in short – From where this format came in picture. The people who are working with me in my cubical, with them I am sharing a good space and wanted that they should also enjoy their work along with some Masti. While doing work, sometime I sing a song to erase the work pressure so that harmony will be maintained. Few person has pointed that they are bearing my bad voice “Which indirectly hurts me L” but “Itna Bhi Bura NHI Gaata Hun Jitna WO Samjhte Hai”. After hearing/comparing my/their performance, I don’t think they would say this again.

Last week, We people were doing Masti in our cubical where one by one each member was singing few lines of any songs. We all did but one person was very rigid – She ignored our request straight forward. Then we decided that by the end of this week – It is mandate for all the people within our cubical (Equity area) has to sing a song. Out of 4, 3 agreed but again 4th one didn’t say anything.

Next day, AIP Lead was wandering around our Cubicle (Recently we renamed our seat location as Onsite -Mexico, UK, NY and Paris). Then, I shared this idea with her that we are planning to give “Desh Bhakti” singing performance in this Independence Day, so shall we extend this level to entire MSIM space. She said Yes, Good idea; drop a note to all.

Meeting request sent to all for next day: timing - 4:00 PM to 4:30 PM, after this email what I saw that people became more excited and started exploring “Desh Bhakti Songs” and started reserving their song that I would sing this song and that one. Top secret information – The person who ignored our request earlier, did some practice too later evening (after 7:30 PM).

12th August 2016, Performance Day, People gathered (Kuch Log KO to Gher Ghaar K Bhulaya Gaya) – At last all the people who were available in office on that day, had given their performances and for remaining one – I requested to share me on WhatsApp so that during weekend I would collate them and produce something creative.

Initially I targeted this for one people (consider this as part of professional ragging) but later it became an event where we enjoyed a lot and also some of them had overcome their stage fear & gained the confidence!!

Thanks to all of you for sharing your sweet voice & giving your valuable time to make this event successful.

Here we go:
TitleMSIM QA Team : Independence Day Celebration
Release Date: 15th August 2016

Capgemini MSIM QA team has celebrated India’s 70th Independence Day in a different style where people from all the geographical region have contributed a lot to make this event successful by sharing “Desh Bhakti” song recorded audio/video file in their own voice. These moments will be remarkable forever and definitely create a history

Jai Hind!! Vande Mataram !!
If you like this concept and performance then please share your feedback below.

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Sinhgad Fort - Trekking

Sinhgad Fort (The Lion’s fort, previously called as Kondhana): The Battle of Sinhgad took place at night between army head of ShivaJi (Tanaji) and Mughal Army head. Tanaji lost his life during the battle and his brother took over and captured Kondhana fort. After demise of Tanaji, ShivaJi expressed his remorse with this word “Although we captured the fort, but lost the lion”. Sinhgad fort is situated around 35+ KM from Pune and well connected by road till the top of fort (north-east: Pune Darwaza); we had another way/door to reach (south-east: Kalyan Darwaza) but it is not connected with any road, I think it is used for trekking. Team had visited this place, captured the beautiful view of Sinhgad fort and enjoyed throughout the journey.

Memories of Our Journey:

10th June 2016, Friday evening – A thread started on WhatsApp team-group to visit Sinhgad fort where 3 people had nodded to kick off this journey tomorrow morning but one person denied it because she was travelling to Mumbai. We three musketeers “Automation Tester, Jr.QA and I” did little bit planning about the timing, food stuff, meeting point, etc

On next morning, I left the bed early at 4:30 AM and did daily chores including Pooja Path; also prepared “Lemon Rice” for our breakfast/lunch. First time I tried lemon rice in my life, by referring the internet videos and “Apna Desi Tadka”. Honestly speaking it looks good both look wise and taste wise. Checked the status of other people on WhatsApp at around 8:00 AM but plan got delayed slightly because of our Jr. QAJ. They started their journey at around 8:35 AM from Pimple and decided to meet at Hotel Ambience but what I saw after some time they reached at my society. I packed my bag quickly and started our journey by scooty from Wakad Bridge to Chandani Chowk via Pune – Bengaluru Expressway. We were alien and traveling to this place first time even though it was very nearest place from Pune.

We took halt at Chandani Chowk and took advice from Local people about the fort, and they suggested following Kothrud – Sinhgad road would be good option. Kothrud Circle, we took right and firstly tried to reach first point that was “Khadakwasla Dam”. After checking with multiple people we got the correct direction to reach the dam. Someone said “Take left prior to the Dam” but we continued to follow the straight road. After travelling some distance we noticed that there was dead-end and not left-right turn. So we travelled back some distance and then saw one left turn – Which people had suggested to take but we missed it.

After following that route, riding our scooty parallel to Khadakwasla Dam road and covered long distance – We finally ended at remote area, where saw one sign-board “Way to go Sinhgad fort”. A small “Vaartalap” happened when Automation tester had turned her scooty in b/w road and on other side - A person was coming with loaded bag on his bike. Generally in such cases we should avoid more conversation with local people and proceed after ignoring the things (We did the same because have seen that it is tough to convence local people even though mistake is too small or not done by you)

 Path was too bad & no road, it seems we were riding our scooty in an abandon village. After covering some distance a person guided us to take left and it would connect to proper road. We followed and finally got the check point where took 2 tickets as Sinhgad fort entry fee (20 RS for Two Wheeler). Riding the scooty (blocking the road for others), enjoying the zigzag road, steep slope and greenery (It was second week of June and we were expecting that monsoon would be good because generally it came on the month of June in M.H) but this time monsoon came late.

We stopped our journey in b/w for 10 min and had Kanda-Bhajiya with sauce & some photo-shoot. Jr.QA decided to ride on the steep road now. We continued our journey and had taken some selfie while riding (#SelFie-Motion). At last we reached at the base of Sinhgad fort where we parked their vehicles and started climbing the stairs, after having one cold-drink bottle, Kheera and Mango Kairi.

As soon we entered in fort, noticed a beautiful view but for that we had to climb on the fort’s boundary wall. Jr.QA and I managed it but Automation tester was walking on that boundary wall like the way “Aamir Khan goes to save his friend Ajay Devgan Life on pipe” in movie ISHQ. After that we moved ahead, explored more things, did lot of photography, and had an American Corn.

After wandering 30-40 minutes here and there, we stopped beneath the tree in order to relax and take some food. We had Lemon Rice together (not a single bite was left), was enjoying the cool-cool air and greenery around us. Honestly speaking it is good place to spend your weekend (because close to Pune) and connected to nature which will give you relief from all the painJ.

We walked together and reached to the end of fort, did some creative photography in b/w and then moved toward Kalyan Darwaza. Automation tester wanted someone should click her pic from top of the fort and she would lay-down below in steep slope ground which would give an impression that she had fallen down from fort. Her favorite TV serial was “Crime Patrol” and “Shavdhan India” that why such kind of thoughts were coming on her mind.

Jr.QA had took the photo and then we moved ahead, till that time we were almost tired so decided to wind up this journey. While returning from fort we got stuck in huge traffic where both ways were blocked completely and people were trying to clear this traffic by adjusting the bikes and cars. After 20-30 minutes we saw some movement in traffic and decided to go “Khadakwasla Dam”, where we had Pani-Puri and Chips and spend quality of time there.

At last, we returned to our home at around 4:00 PM.

Memories of Sinhgad Fort locked below:

Title: Sinhgad Trekking Memories
Visited: 11/June/2016

Thanks to my team (Automation Tester and Jr. QA tester) for making the trip awesome.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Lohagad Fort - Trekking

Lohagad Fort (Marathi: लोहगडIron fort): One of the many hill forts in Maharashtra which is good for Trekking (especially for team outing), alone you will be bored. It is situated near to Lonavala and around 52 KM from Pune and 1,033 m above sea level. Recently we (Equity Team) visited this place and covered all things – Waterfall, Cave and Lohagad fort within the time frame of 9 hours.

Depicting Our Journey below:

Multiple hearing happened during office time where Automation Tester was chanting every day “Chalo Na, Chalo Na” so finally our trip advisor has prepared an itinerary of Lohagad for us. Even though automation tester was not happy because for her it was closet to Pune and she already visited last year (Cave only but was in hallucination that she visited Lohagad... Lol).

Trekking Planning started from first day of last week and finalized at Friday after searching lot of places around Pune whom we could visit. Day before our journey, plan was in place and everyone was aware about what they need to carry and when they need to reach Pimpri Station. Received thumps up from all the members on WhatsApp and waiting for early morning to kick off this journey.

Early morning, I left my bed at 4:30 AM after stopping two sequential alarm clocks – 4:05 AM and 4:15 AM & did my daily chores. At 6:30, I started giving miss call or call to our team and their responses were – Automation Tester: “Abhi Aur Sona hain… 8:00 baje pahuch jayenge station”, recently promoted Jr.QA: Called 3-4 times full ring but no response then after some interval, one WhatsApp ping – “Main 7:15 Tak Uth Jaungi” and Our Trip advisor – Woke at 6:30 and texted “GM” message on WhatsApp.

Reached Pimpri station at 8:05 PM due to some Palki at Shagun Chowk; got late 5 min. I saw Our Trip Advisor was there and already taken 4 tickets (Pimpri to Lonavala – Local) but our late comers (Automation and Jr. QA tester) they started their journey at 8:05 AM from Pimple and reached station 5 min prior. Train arrived at 8:30 AM on Platform 2 and we took General Coach, after some efforts or Talegaon station we all got the seats.

We stopped our journey at Malavli station and did “One Team” photography prior to start the long journey by walk. Took right from the station and reached to bridge (Expressway – Pune to Mumbai), we thought to do some snacks like Poha and Vadapav but skipped it and continued walking in right side direction from the bridge. While walking we enjoyed a lot “I think first time equity team covered this much distance (Approx. 1+ KM) by walk together”- Some background song was encouraging us “Akele Akele Kaha Ja Rahe Ho Hume Saath Le Lo Jahan Ja Rahe ho”, at one point saw two little baby Dear and flocks of Desi MurgiJ (Savan Chal Raha Tha Warna Chicken Tandoori Hoti), both side of the road was covered with greenery which was reminding me my ancestor’s village.

After walking 30 min, we reached at Initial point (Place was good, Waterfall in the front and Hanuman Temple] where we did “Halka Pulka Breakfast” – Poha and Chai. [For others – Local shopkeepers were making good profit from Visitors/ Trekkers. Cost of 1 Plate Poha was 25 RS and that was not enough for single person]. After finishing our breakfast we were supposed to move toward Lohagad but moved toward Cave [Always take expert advice from someone who already visited that place]. Automation Tester who already visited Cave last year and was in hallucination state that she visited Lohagad wherever she not even touched the feet of Lohagad Fort.

Took Entry Pass for Cave (On Ticket: 5 RS/- mentioned but they have stamped 15 RS/-, don’t know where the extra 10 were goingJ. Visited Cave thoroughly and did lot of photography there. View was awesome : Left side : Bhaja Cave - The Buddhist excavations at Bhaja, also known as Bhaja caves, date almost to the 1st century AD and are believed to be one of the oldest Buddhist religious centres in this area. Very well maintained and cleaned as compared to other tourist attraction place. Right Side: Steep slope with green grass and a narrow track to go to Waterfall and connecting to Main road (Short Cut – Those who love trekking, they would like such path). Front Side: Beautiful Waterfall

We were little tired by climbing the stairs to see the cave so initial thought came that we would skip the plan to go to Lohagad fort but slowly-slowly we started enjoying the nature and followed the risky narrow path to go waterfall & main road. In between we took a 10 min halt for some refreshment and thought to make new episode of Shavdhan India (Because Wohi Purana Episode Dekh Dekh Kar Bore Ho Chuke The), Automation tester was too silent during that journey; maybe she would also thinking in the same line. If suppose in worst case that we even tried to make the episode then subject would be – Shavdhan India: QA v/s Automation Tester Ki Jalan

Crossed the little-little hurdles and did photo-shoot of waterfall with great model (Jr. QA tester). After 15-20 min walking we touched the main road from where we took Toyota Qualis car and requested some more person to join us so that budget would be shared, at last it was cost around 50 RS per head and reached the base of Lohagad fort where we did a short of lunch (Bhutta and Boiled egg) and prepared Bhel from the stuffs which we carried from our home. We started climbing the stairs to go to apex of the fort; having tasty Bhel in parallel. In between – We saw Red-Faced Monkey and feed some Bhel; it was really amazing experience when they were picking the Murmura from their little hand from my hand. Slowly-Slowly we reached at Ganesh Dwar (that was first door) and then at final door (Hanuman Dwar). 

In between we experienced lots of things:

·        Initial & Final Stair steps were good but in b/w path was very terrible; somewhere allowed only one person to go at a time but in India we know that we all were in hurry so people were not stopping and giving space to others until and unless tragedy won’t happen.
·        In between when we reached at certain height then decide to do photo-shoot, Weather was too good; we were covered with fog and moving cloud. I tried some Khatroon K Khiladi pose and shots were taken by our trip advisor.

We reached at the top of the fort at around 2:20 PM; from where view was astounding and enjoyed the ON/OFF rain, nature, scenery and stopped at Rani Raja Graveyard. When rain stopped for some minutes then we did some photography, masti and video shoot but missed one more attempt to make Shavdhan India Episode. Honestly speaking life time view captured from eyes which won’t be easily erased. After spending around 30-40 minutes, We decided to go to Station directly from fort but plan was keep changing throughout the Journey so one condition had put in the front of all – If we were able to reach to base of fort prior to 3:30 PM then will go else station and skip the plan for Waterfall.

All of sudden, positive energies started flowing inside everyone and seems all were curious to visit Waterfall. We reached at Base prior to the deadline time and took Toyota Qualis Car and requested one group to join us. That group was good; they were passing the comments – Ek Dushre Pe. Driver stopped his car at first waterfall spot and then we walked around 5-10 min to reach to Main Waterfall which we saw initially starting the journey. I changed my get up and we decided to start climbing the rocks by naked feet but it was too slippery because of continuous water flow and fungus. We were not in condition to make one step on rock so wore the shoes.

To reach at top of the waterfall by crossing all midway hurdles, I decided to lead the team and guided them to follow my foot-steps. We people were feeling like that we are By Birth Rock Climber, helping hand by hand – Reached to main spot of the waterfall and enjoyed the bathing under an extreme waterfall. After bathing the next challenge how we would get down because it looks too dangerous. Jr. QA tester followed my instructions and reached safely to the ground without experiencing any slide but Automation tester slipped a lot (around 4-5 times) because of new branded shoes.

Did some photo-shoots where I looked like an English man because tanning was removed for some time :) (Hypothetical Khushi Ho Rahi Thi). We took auto-rickshaw and reached station at 4:48 PM, next train was at 5:28 PM.

We all were hungry so I prepared boiled Chana Salad by adding or mixing all the ingredients (Tomato, Onion, Coriander, Chat Masala, Jal Jeera Powder and Lemon) which we were carrying with us. At last we had this tasty salad and boarded in local train at 5:35 PM & reached to Pimpri Station at 6:30 PM.

Some memories of Lohagad are locked below:

Title: Lohagad Trekking Memories
Date: 30/07/2016

Thanks to Automation Tester , Trip Advisor or Planner and SSE QA Tester for making this equity team outing  successful. Hoping we would have many more on the way!!!

Learning / Suggestion:

·         If anyone of you planning to visit Lohagad fort then start your journey at around 6:00 or 7:00 AM and try to go to Lohagad fort directly because at top there are lot of sites or points which will attract you a lot.
·         Try to wear a shoe which has a good grip because somewhere path is too slippery.
·         Always carry first-aid kit (especially Volini Spray or gel).
·         Carry some snacks and water bottle, along with some energy drink.
·         Taking selfie is good but try to avoid taking these shots at the edge of the top because it is too dangerous, due to continues rainfall at the peak or fog; surface at the edge is not hard.