Monday, March 7, 2016

One house & Two doors !!

One house & Two doors:  It sounds like a normal words which can be guessed easily by people, e.g. house having either two entrances or one entrance and another exit. But this “One house & Two doors” has a different story where the normal life of a person is connected with desire of a person who doesn’t exist in this world.

I tried to pen down some real elements with fiction and hoping it will add more interests while going through the story.

The story begins here:

Once upon a time there was a Zamindar (English: Land holders) in a small town of Jharkhand. He was very sharp, wise and wealthy person. He was holding many lands of his town and around too. If the matter was related to money or land, then he was a very particular person, but he had one good quality – He always helped the people when they needed. Some time he had given his land to the people for their agriculture purpose without any rental cost, when they struggled to get the food for their family. People of his town considered him as a “God” and respect him a lot.

One day, he heard about a good deal of land within his town. The person “Subodh” who was selling the land was considered, as a “Second Wealthy Person” in the town sometime before. He was infamous for hogging the land of farmers. Firstly, he gave them amount on loan with huge interest and when they were not in position to return, then he had seized their lands. But after seizing the land of a farmer; inauspicious things started happening at his home. In parallel he had lost his other properties and this land was the only last hope for him to get back his life again to the normal state.

Zamindar visited the land site and had shown his interest to buy because near to that land, he noticed good things e.g. market, river, school, hospital and nature, etc. A done deal between the parties and Zamindar became the owner of the land. He decided to build a very large home at this space because of the surrounding amenities. After 6 months, his new house was ready to live which had big entrance door and many rooms with proper good ventilation. He shifted his joint family where he was a youngest member in his family & recently got married.

Unexpected things started happening at his new house:

  • After few days, he noticed some big cracks in the last wall of his house which was parallel to the entrance door. Whenever he gets these cracks refilled or repaired then on next day same cracks occurred.  At last to overcome with this problem he decided to break that space and made a door so that people could also enter to the house from backside.
  • Next problem was in pipeline that was Electricity problem. He got only one phase at his house which was frequently getting down on daily basis. On the backside of his house there was one Govt. hospital which had 3 phases connectivity. He applied to get 3 phases connectivity at his house and requested to remove the previous one, but it didn’t work. Electrical department had denied this request because they cannot extend the supply to the primary door & some other locality reason. Therefore, they suggested to get new electric meter installed on the backside door. At last his house got two electric meters and their billing addresses were:For Primary – Door 1, Meter No: XXX, QT. No – 1 and For Backside – Door 2, Meter No: YYY, QT. No - 1 .Everything was in control after that, but after 4 months; another problem was waiting to knock the door.
  • Govt. had proposed a plan to divide this locality into two regions, but his house was constructed in Center where half portion falls on one region and another half on another region according to the proposed separation line. He got frustrated day by day issues and not getting any solution. One day he visited Govt. office and submitted the evidences that he was paying the two electricity bills for same house. Everyone was shocked. Govt. Employee was already ready with layout of new society which they were planning to build there. Zamindar was a very respectable person in his town and everyone also aware about his kindness and the work that he did for society & helpless people. Senior Govt. Officer had taken the efforts of Zamindar in consideration and came up with new plan.His house had two doors ( Front Side : Door 1, Facing EAST and Back Side : Door 2, Facing WEST) so Door 2 would be renamed as Door 1 and would be associated with region 2; Door 1 would be as it is and associated with region 1.
In short half part of his house would be accountable for First House of that new region and rest half part for another region. Confused?? Refer the below:

At last, a single house got two identities because of two different addresses.  It seems this problem was the last one. Everything was working well & they were enjoying their stay after that, but…

After 2 years, a baby girl added in his family. Zamindar had arranged a huge party for her name Karan where all the members of his town were invited. Many Pandits had gone through her Nakshtra and Kundli and came up with Letter “S” as initial of her birth name. And, then baby girl got a name “Sukanya” as a new identity. Sukanya was sleeping during daytime and awaking whole night. Whenever she didn’t find anyone around her then she started crying. She changed the sleeping pattern of her family members, but family members loved to play with Sukanya. Slowly-Slowly, after few months her family member observed that Sukanya started playing alone at night and not disturbing anyone. Sometime she giggled and sometime she produced different sound; her family members were very happy after watching this, but they were not aware about another part of the story.

Sukanya was not playing alone, but she got a friend “Sunita” who died accidentally at same place where this house was situated. Sunita - “An invisible friend or a ghost” who used to come every day to meet and play with Sukanya. Both of them developed a good bonding and started liking their company. No one was aware about this friendship at Sukanya’s home. Initial days, it was acceptable, but later their different behaviours & instances were getting noticed by all.

Behaviours & Instances: [Noticed by family member & few friends]
  • Sukanya started living alone in her room and talking alone whole day.
  • Whenever anyone trying to bullying her in school, then they get automatically punished.
  • Whenever she had to go out with friends, then she always wore the same dress which was selected by Sunita.
  •  Sukanya loved to sleep whole night during exam time whereas Sunita did the study on her behalf.  And, in the examination hall – Sunita used to whisper the answer and Sukanya just preferred to write.
At last, all the results were in favor of Sukanya, but at her home – All the members were worried.

Zamindar was an orthodox person and didn’t believe in paranormal activities yet, but these circumstances forced him to believe. Therefore, he visited nearby Tantrik house and requested him to help us. Tantrik agreed and visited his house, as soon as he stepped in then paranormal activities started suddenly…

The wind was blowing hard and the door to the backside door was opening and closing against the wind, while the lights were flickering on and off; Items like toy cars, chairs and utensils started shifting from their original position; Spooky footsteps started coming …

Everyone was shocked & feared after watching this because they experienced all the instances first time in this house. Before starting the Pooja, Tantrik had made two circles – One for Sukanya and another for entire family members. He instructed to everyone that “Not to cross that circle at any cost”. He began his Pooja and was trying to get that soul from his Siddhi.  Sunita became aggressive; she didn’t harm anyone yet from day one, but these things were hurting her a lot.  She started doing mimicry of each family member and warned Tantrik to leave this place…But Tantrik had applied all his efforts which he gained till so far and mentioned that he came here, just to talk to you and will not harm. Sunita trusted him and appeared in her original form. Tantrik and Sunita; both started their conversations.

Sunita shared her life history: ~

She was a younger daughter at her family. She was staying at same place with her family where this house was built, but after death they left this space. Her father was a famous Vaidh and used to run Ayurvedic Dhavakhana here. We had a big house here with two doors; mostly people come from backside door because it was connected to remote village & Khacha-Rashta.

Her father was very well known person and always ready to help poor people. Sometime they denied to take the fees from poor people and provided treatment to them at free of cost.  We had a joint family where my big brother followed the path of my father and Tau Ji, but my father wanted me to go for different stream. She was a topper and very active student at her school who loved to participate in Sports, Quiz, Dance and etc. She had a dream to become an Engineer and wanted to make her parents proud of her, But…

One day while returning to her home from school, she noticed a long electric wire at her backside door steps. She tried to look around, but didn’t find anyone so she thought it would be unwanted and stepped ahead to remove it. Unfortunately as soon as she touched the wire; some local people far from her house and holding another end of wire; connected it to the electric pole. She got high volt electric shock and lost her life. Police came to the accidental place and sent the body for Post-mortem. Local people who were trying to steal the electricity by connecting the wire illegally to the electric pole got jail for 5 months but because of their ignorance; Sunita lost her life.

After her death, it was hard for her family to stay at that place so they sold the house to one farmer and moved to some other town, but later this house was captured by Subodh (from his hook & crook method). Subodh destroyed that house and planning to use this area for his farmhouse. Few weeks later after destroying that house; unexpected bad things started happening at Subodh’s house and slowly-slowly he lost everything.

Sunita mentioned that she doesn’t want to harm anyone in Sukanya’s house because they are helping and very kind hearted person like her family member. In parallel, Zamindar logically connected all the instances which he experienced in this house e.g. backside door, electricity & region issue with Sunita’s word. He observed the connections e.g. backside wall was cracked and they built door to overcome this problem because Sunita used to come from that door at her house, electricity issue because she lost her life at backside because of electric shock, region issue where Door 2 turned as Door 1 for new area because for Sunita that was the primary door.

End of her story!!

Sunita shared her bonding & friendship which got developed with Sukanya because she found herself in Sukanya. Zamindar & his family was scared after hearing this and requested Tantrik to get his daughter free. Tantrik instructed Sunita to leave this space and stop this friendship here; proceed ahead so that everyone and Sukanya live their life happily.

Sunita denied because she didn’t get the chance fulfill her last dream. She promised everyone that she will leave this space and friendship with Sukanya once Sukanya get married. Prior to that, she wanted company of Sukanya to fulfill her last dream.  After hearing Sunita’s word, Zamindar trusted her and his family agreed to support her so that she would fulfill her dream.

Everything back to the normal routine after that, Sukanya got Sunita as a good friend who was always ready to support her. Both were enjoying their company; playing together, studying together and going school together. This friendship was accepted by Sukanya’s family, but not by society because they were not aware about Sunita. People started treating Sukanya as a strange person because of her behaviour and not allowing their children to interact with Sukanya.

Month by month, year by year, time flew quickly and Sukanya cleared her 12th standard exam with flying colours. She created history and became first girl to secure the no. 1 position in her town from 1st to 12th standard. To continue her graduation, she moved to Kolkata where she faced the challenges in college, but that was shorted by Sunita. Sukanya completed her BCA degree with 8+ GPA and selected in one of the IT Company during campus placement.

She joined the company and observed lot of chaos on her first day in IT. Whomsoever she met, they were disappointed by their work. Some people were not getting the result of their hard efforts, some were taking the credit of others, some people were waiting for onshore aspiration and all. Sukanya was disappointed after hearing all these points but Sunita motivated her in each and every step.

Sukanya started working with full pace because she has to fulfil her dream along with Sunita’s last dream. Both were working together, but with a single identity. Wherever Sukanya got stuck, Sunita came in picture and took it forward. Her peers & managements were impressed with her dedication and extended hour support, but they were not aware about Sunita. Sunita added luxury in Sukanya’s life; by providing weekend & late night support and completed all the deliverables prior to end date.

Slowly-Slowly two years completed in the firm where she got good rating, hike and additional perk, but Sukanya wanted to do something big. So, she decided to take a jump and moved to another firm with additional hike.

New firm, a new door of opportunities, new people and more challenges...:) She continued with same pace around 2 years in one project where nothing was systematic. After that, she took release and moved to new account where she got the chance to work on same automation part, but whatever she learned previously; here it was different. After some time, Sukanya decided not to explore new things now in this new account because it was not adding any value, but Sunita had zeal to convert complex challenges to simpler. So, she enforced Sukanya to be online only and sat at her desk for presence, but assignments would be done by me. Sukanya agreed with Sunita’s word and followed it.

Sukanya started doing less and Sunita started converting that in big. Day by Day client and management were getting impressed from her work and dedication. Whatever she planned, she got beyond that… good rating and promotion in shorter time span. Day by Day Sukanya was soaring toward success and behind her every success; there was hidden desire of Sunita which she wanted to achieve and at the end she achieved it. She added luxury life and exponential growth in Sukanya’s career which Sukanya wouldn’t forget.

Finally the last day came when both were getting separated after 26 years where one side Sukanya got married and another side Sunita achieved her desire via Sukanya and started her journey toward the heaven….

Someone said “If people died accidentally or at early age without achieving their strong desire then their soul won’t get heaven or hell until they achieve it “.

Note: Try to google “Haunted Place in <Your City>” and visit at your own risk. Hope you will get someone like Sunita J