Monday, December 26, 2016

MSIMQA: A Throwback Journey

 In May 2014, I reached to new island “CG” after sailing boat from last 4.6 years on the ocean. I stepped ahead to explore it and meet the new people of this island. At first glance; It looked awesome place – Scattered towers, land covered with trees, beautiful path that connects these towers and greenery.

I finished my joining formalities and got the POC contact details from HR for further account related onboarding process. I called on that cell no. and other side – Amit G received it. He provided the access of the ODC and introduced me with Anand. Anand helped me to understand the area and introduced me with rest of the team member; primarily Aditi – I was the replacement of her.

My KT started by multiple people – Aditi, Mahima and Anand and after 3-4 days, I started working on small releases as a shadow resource.  Ashutosh returned from Goa after his marriage and bought some sweets for team. We interacted and further he introduced me with his team (Robin, Nikita and Salena).

Gradually, a small group formed and strong understanding developed among us. We were eating, roaming and doing masti together along with work. My journey in CG started with Celebration; just spending few weeks I got an opportunity to join the team lunch and events.

One side I was feeling comfortable with surrounding environment but on another side To & Fro waves started. New faces started replacing the existing member and existing one moving toward a new horizon. I would like to summarize that period with this statement “Wake up to the new dawn after fears of night before”.  

In April 2015, I got an opportunity to work on Equity side and things were going good with the existing team members but a pain of losing these members were in my heart. Since my DOJ, I got a good company and enjoyed good stint with them. Ashutosh helped me a lot to understand the basic things of Capital market and we spent great time – Discussion, having lunch, going for Snacks, 4:30 PM long walk and Idhar Udhar Ghumna Phirna.

Later a new team formed to manage this area. We worked hard and tried to meet all the deadlines. After couple of months; things streamlined and turned into green.  We divided our cubical on the basis of time zone (LN-NY-PARIS-MEXICO) and people were also working on that mode. Let me introduce my team here (Mayank, Smita, Meghna and Swati) – All are expert in their area but some are exceptional.

Our cubical was center of the MSIM area or can be considered as Heart of the MSIM because top side – RE team was sitting, Center – Equity and bottom side – S&M and AIP.  We together were a chatterbox; always talking along with work, testing the G.K of few people, trip planning, silent fighting and many more. Beside my cubical we had some plugin team – (Snehal, Yakshi & Sarita); they were timely joining us every day during our conversations or masti time.

Along with testing deliverable; I opted to take additional responsibilities to explore myself. These additional responsibilities provided me a great platforms e.g. MadFest, Floor SPOC, ERT Member, M8-Bus Monitor and many more to connect with great people within MS account or outside MS.  These platforms extended my friendship network to extreme level (around 200+ people; I know by name and others by face).

One side, I was a good person because of some good things but on another side bad for some hard decisions which mostly took during bus monitoring if people didn’t follow the rules & guidelines. I still remember the conversation b/w two people where girl suggested her friend to take M8 for Dange Chowk and he replied – No, bus monitor of that route is dangerous. Anyways all were the part of life – Best statement for this “You cannot make happy all the person at same time; some takes time or some don’t want to be”. Learn the things and move ahead that is all about life.

My journey with CG was awesome; got good platforms to explore myself and opportunities to interact with good people (which are part of my hobbies). Here sharing the few things which I would miss or remarkable forever:

Best Things Of U which I would miss or remember forever
Amit G
First CG (Boss), Till late hours working passion, PPM & Clarity Detailed Email
Anand K
Cool Lead and Comedy Night with Kapil Sharma on YouTube
First person whom I replaced
Swati V
F5, 11 to 6 Job timing, G.K, Crime Patrol, Manual Testing Ka Shock and Double promotion
Suvish N
Gym Lover, Good Cricketer and Round table discussion with bade log in U3 Pantry, Using Strongest Perfume after 5:00 PM
Mahesh G
Another Gym Lover, Birthday Cake – Fund Collector and Royal Enfield Lover
Blue Dress at Yolo
Priyanka K
First Song sung for us in our cubical “Mera Dil Jis Dil Pe Fida Ha”
Pot Luck Organizer, Passive Replier (May be you are thinking a lot while replying)
Always my Infy, Main Bhi Kahun-ga (instead of –gi), DDR Portal , SPOC and Bus Monitor
Sneha K
Best Pic with Salman Khan at MadFest Event in 2015
Swati P
OMS Dashboard
Priyanka M
Your Exit Clearance
Well Wisher Of Bhabhi Ji, Cartoon and Banana Lover, Hard Working Guy
Ek Baat Kah Deti Hun, Online Utility, Mohini, Silent Fighter, Collection, SelFie, Swami Vivekananda, Equity Team, “Are Ank...Ankit” and Best Pal
Vrat me Panni ki Awaaz, TV Serial Ki Dukan, Rani, 100 * 5 RS, Every day release & tension
IM Governance & CMS/DMS, All time phone Pe Baat and muffler women
Our Trip Planner, 9 Baje Tak Rukna, Singer Taher Saha- Mankind Angel & Chicken Lover
Zeal to learn Macro
Different size Fans, Asking tough questions during meeting, small bottle & helpful Banda
CMS/DMS Subject Matter Expert and Online TV serials
CMS/DMS Subject Matter Expert and Pictionary lover.
Another Gym Lover, Bacca Bucci Shoes and always book table at BBQ for team party
Perl Scripter but did well in Manual Testing and Quora
8:30 to 5:30 Job timing, Good Database: If u needs input about anyone then approach her
Riddle Quiz Solving Skill, NCFM Level 2 Certified, Bindas Bidu and Daily Quote
K.V Katni (Badminton Events), Equity Leader, Great Advisor and Supportive.
Hats Off to your tolerance level, Good person and always supportive.
Automation COE
Dream to make online learning website, Bindass Punjaban
Capital Market BA, Great Punch-Line maker whenever he had funny debate with Nazneen
Always give Rock-Bottom looks like photo pose
Equity Automation Framework Designer, Writing Multiple Notes at his desk for reminder
Best Pal, Great Advisor, Capital Market Guru, Kind-Hearted Person, My First MI3 Mobile booked by him, Best time spent with him in CG.
RE to aap se hi tha, hain and ab rahne wala hain J
Automation COE, Founder Of MSIMQA Fun Team and MSIM QA Second (Boss)
RSA Token, Galat Jhuta, My First Basic Photography Trainer, Multiple LIC &  Vedhani
Neha N
Didn't forget her Old firm still using in MS Passwd, Dev To QA, WFH 
Football Lover and Mutreja's Fav 

YouTube Details:

Wishing you all the best for future assignments and hoping will meet somewhere.

Monday, December 12, 2016

@PAR2016: Treasure Hunt

TCS-Maitree is a core central team within TCS which has started many initiatives to bind the people together through organization’s activities e.g. @PAR (Pune Adventure Race), Family/Summer/Health camp, awareness & environment related program etc. I would like to share my experience on Treasure Hunt game which I gained via @PAR2016. Previously I had experienced about this game in limited domain & format but after participating in @PAR2016 (12th Dec 2016 – as Team B1 Pune Explorer 2); I would say -“This treasure hunt was truly amazing”. Going forward my mind will always force me to get the knowledge of your surrounding objects which we mainly skip it.

Sharing my first adventure experience in TCS:

Last Friday 9th Dec, I was about to leave from Office then got a call from Sachin. He informed me about the adventurous game and checked my interest on it. It sounded good to me after knowing the format of this game which I have never ever experienced before, therefore I said “Yes”.  I got the instruction booklet on WhatsApp and also added into an internal group with experts.

Format and Important Rules:
  • Formation of team (mandatory 4 members) where at-least 1 girl should be present in your team.
  • Treasures are already placed anywhere in Pune, so find it and take the Selfie with that and upload it against the question.
  • Two people will acts as a lead (primary and backup) and @PAR app should be installed on their smartphone. Password will be provided during start of the game at their WhatsApp group. Each individual team has a group on WhatsApp with Reviewer or ClueMaster ( who would help you if you use your life line)
  • Two sets of questions will be revealed via Group 1 and Group 2 where timing for Group 1 (set of questions) – 8:30 AM and Group 2 (set of questions) – 12:00 PM.  Answers of Group 1 – acceptable till 1:00 PM and for Group 2 – till 5:00 PM.
  • Two life-lines / per team available, if we use it then we will get -100 point for that question. e.g. Question 3 – Level: Medium – Point 200 and used lifeline & able to crack the puzzle so (200 – 100 = 100) will be credited to our account.
  • Use your personal vehicles to commute to the place where treasures are placed; most important follow all the traffic rules and carry the mandatory documents & helmets.
  •  Registration desks close timing - 7:30 AM morning, so team has to report prior to that.

Saturday 10th Dec, Morning - most of the members of our group woke up at 4:00 AM and did their daily tasks and some searching on Google. I started my journey at around 6:45 AM; weather was too chilling; while riding bike - hands were getting frozen and whenever I was exhaling breath then adding an appearance of chain smoking. We decided to meet at Sahyadari Park at 7:00 AM but all reached at around 7:10 AM. Manoj was the first one whom I noticed at the entrance gate when I reached there. He was rubbing his hands to get back the blood circulation to normal state.

Sachin came by his car, along with some strategy. We parked our vehicles at SP2 basement and quickly went to registration desk to enroll our name where we got T-Shirts & Bags (with tag line: Are you @PAR?). We changed it and were waiting for 4th & mandatory member “Ashwini”.  In a couple of minutes she also joined us and then we went to photography desk where our group photo was shot by experts J . 60+ team (approx.) had enrolled their name for this game.

We had our breakfast at Zunka, Cafeteria and decided to travel in a car where 1 person would drive the car and rest other would Google the questions in order to get the hint and also share the question in our closed internal group for others to crack it. We left office at around 8:35 AM and took Selfie for the first question. There was a trick behind this first simple question that was – Not to identify the people but to check the @PAR App operations whether uploaded pic was getting accepted by app or not J

After question 1 – Selfie photo, we moved ahead toward Aundh to take the shot with one of next questions which we cracked – Bal Kalyan Sanstha. After that – Saniwarwada, Kasba Ganpati, Phule Wada, Station, Neelyam theater, Blue Nile, Vijay Talkies , Sambhaji Park and then TCS – TRDDC (pune). We checked with security guard about any activities which were happening here. He replied “No” and said – 15+ people came here & asked the same question.  Time was around 12:30 PM then we had given secondary thought of TCS-Mangal Das office but it was tough to reach there in 30 min. Sachin drove his car very well and we just entered into the gate at 12:50 PM.

Till that time Group 2 (set of questions were also revealed) and we circulated in our group to get the expert reply.  We opted TCS Mangal Das Office at last because there were some activities involved in that puzzle for which we would get some rating from activity coordinator. At around 1:00 PM our turn came and activity was – Acid Test: Four Bricks, 3 lanes and 4 team member had to cross the acid river without touching their feet into the acid river. For this task we got 3 min only; no time for planning and strategy. We were puzzled and stucked in between lane 1 only. Activity time was completed - Got “C” rating and uploaded the Selfie pic with coordinator.

We were totally exhausted; Back paining while sitting in the car from last 4 hours and also too much hungry. But Sachin looks too much active among all. He was our true captain & perfect pilot who drove his car in the zigzag, narrow & broad lane of Pune with lot of patience; along with dealing good people on the road (I hope you understood what I am trying to say – In pune while riding your car, we could see lot of good people blocking your road by their bikes . If anybody wants to gain this experience then please drive your car during 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM at Hinjewadi road (especially from KPIT to Wipro circle))

We decided to take rest prior to start solving the group 2 puzzles and had Khakhra, moong dal & ladoo during our lunch. NFS (Need For Speed and Need For Solution both required because answers for Group 2 set of questions would be closed at 5:00 PM) Trip 2 started at around 2:15 PM with clueless direction and covered Aga Khan Place, Tribal Museum , KEM hospital, Parwardhan Samadhai, Ferguson College, Abhyankar Path, Pune Station and then St. Mary Church (near bishop school).  Out of 11 questions we attempted to cover around 8 questions but were not sure for few questions whether submitted answers were right or wrong.

2:15 PM to 5:00 PM: 2 hours 45 minutes – Painful & direction less path and also high time to face the weekend traffic. We reached St. Mary Church, near bishop school just 7 min prior to 5 o’clock and submitted the answer that was our last attempt. We thanks to all the experts who were actively involved thought out the day to crack the puzzles and moved ahead toward Sahyadari Park to report back because it was mandatory.

5:00 PM to 6:00 PM: 1 hour – Lucky window was still opened to answer lucky clue 1 and 2.  Lucky Clue 1 – Take a Selfie with PMPML Hinjewadi – Airport bus and Lucky Clue 2 – Take a Selfie with Honda Navi with valid no. plate.  During the return journey, we were keeping our eyes on the road to capture these clues atleast in order to get the points to compensate the 3 questions which was not attempted by us in group 2. The way we were keeping our eyes on road looks like – We were from Income Tax department team and going to raid anyone whomsoever we found with that unique bike J #DemonetizationEffect.

By chance, we got this lucky bike near Shivaji Nagar– Honda Navi with valid no. plate for lucky clue 2 and submitted our response. Then moved ahead to capture Lucky Clue 1 – PMPML Airport Shuttle Bus, honestly speaking – We could see this bus very easily everyday but on that day we didn’t notice from Shivaji Nagar to Hinjewadi Phase 3.

Someone said correctly – “You won’t get the simple things easily, when you need it urgently

We reached office at around 6:10 PM and stopped our car in the front of TCS Sahyadari Park Office and had a great tea at Tapri. 6:15 PM reported back to SP; parked our car at SP1 basement and then had a heavy snack and moved ahead to Auditorium for the final result announcement.

Results announced and didn’t fall in top 3 but the best part was that we attempted to crack all the puzzles and reached beyond our comfort zone to chase it. We did our rough calculation after validating submitted answers with correct and I would say – We would be falling under top 10 out of 60+ team.

This treasure hunt game had made my day and gained wonderful experiences which would definitely help us in upcoming @PAR2017.

Here we go: (Some Lamhe)

Prior to close this space; I would like to hats off to below parties for providing me the opportunity to participate in this game.
  • Team B1 Pune Explorer 2 (Sachin, Ashwini, Manoj & I), special thanks to Sachin for driving the car throughout the day (covered around 240 KM) with great patience and zeal. Also Great Team efforts !!
  •  WhatsApp Group @PAR2016 (Sudhir, Vaibhavi, Girish, Nidhi, Yogesh, Varsha, Deva, etc.) : Thanks for supporting us throughout the day and helping us to crack the puzzle.
  •  @PAR2016 / TCS-Maitree Team : Thanks for organizing this wonderful game and executed it successfully with great strategy.
  • Other Team : Thanks for taking our few shots and also leaving your foot-marks which helped us to follow you, vice-versa :) 

Monday, December 5, 2016

Shuffle of Characters

I would like to depict my IT journey with this phrase “Shuffle of Characters”.  This phrase has forced me to think all the events which happened in my life from past to current state and time to time these events left some sign for me which I was not aware.

Prior to start penning downs the instances; I would share something related to Destiny & Luck. Destiny is predetermined course of events and mostly people believe that god decides & plan the events at the time of our birth; the things that may happen in our life at particular time. Whereas luck is something, which influence the path of our destiny. Sometime luck may help us to reach our destiny and sometime it will also stop us from reaching our destiny.

In 2007, during college time there was a race to secure the job and I was also part of it. We were eagerly waiting for the mass recruiter firm “TCS” to come in our college. Each individual had prepared himself / herself a lot with BARRON word list and all the previous placement papers were downloaded & covered.

2 days prior, we got to know that due to changes in schedule – Day 1 Company would be “CTS” instead of TCS. At the ground root, all the students were puzzled and were thinking what to do now. There was no option left, so all jumped from BARRON to adopt different pattern. We all studied day and night for 2 days and prepared at some extent.

Day 1 came, we all joined the queue at around 8:45 AM and waiting for their turn. My turn came at around 10:45 PM, my mind was saying that till then recruiter would be exhausted & I would be rejected by them definitely. He interviewed me around 45 minutes and asked all the questions – schooling / college projects and coding. Next day, List disclosed and out of 1200 – around 300 students were selected.

Joined CTS and got testing project which was just opposite of my choice. I was looking space at Development side because got good hold in coding during college time and also computer science graduate. But accepted it with this hope that something good ahead planned for me… Waiting for me…

In 2013, I got an assignment for 7 months to work at client location – Park Street, London Bridge near Thames River.  During that time, we delivered the testing solution for Industry Account Switching and working on another major programme. My college friend who was in Glasgow; visited London during Diwali time and we decided to explore Canary Wharf and Greenwich. While covering the lane of Canary Wharf, we did some photo shoots. But coincidentally he took one shot which defined my future milestone.

In 2014, I moved to new firm – CG and got MS account. For me, it was a new world from payments domain to Capital market and looks complex but I accepted this challenge. Honestly speaking, I like challenges and following simple concept – If we have dynamic approach then everything would be easy. One weekend, I was taking the backup of all the photos which I took from last 1-2 years after reviewing one by one.

Then I noticed the below snap which I cropped it and uploaded here, else it would be tough to recognize the background word (Watch the background clearly then you will notice something). This shot was taken in 2013 (8 months before) and I got the MS account in June 2014.

Now due to business changes in 2016, I moved to the firm which was supposed to come in 2007.  That’s why I opted this phrase “Shuffle of Character” : C.T. S  to T.C.S because of the logical events which happened during my journey.

At last, I would like to say that – Life is short and for each individual destiny has been defined; do your best then positive vibes will support you to go ahead. Moment will come on your way and leave some sign about your future… so keep your eyes open :)

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Blind-Date : A Surprise Gift To His Dreamed One

Love has its own dimension and that dimension is unknown. Different people have different opinions toward love and their evaluation criteria have been drastically changed if we compare with past or old days. Some people fall in love “At first sight” where some not even “Multiple sights and continue their hunt” (May be they are too judgmental Or their defined parameters for the ideal one is not getting met). 

Well love is controversial topic but at the end it gives a lovely feeling. Therefore, I thought to share a heart touching one sided love story of a person “Madhav”. It’s my first time to pick the character name from South India for the story and hoping you like this imaginative story & the way I shaped here. 

The story begins here:

Madhav “An Orphaned Boy” who had grown up in a government orphanage in Chennai. This orphanage was located in a small village which was connected with mountains, rivers, trees, fields, animals, etc (In short – God gifted beautiful nature). Madhav was born in a family of strong moral values but horrible accident at his childhood had changed everything. He lost his family including mother, father & grandmother in a car accident at the age of 10 years. He was the only one who survived in the accident with broken hand and host of other wounds. He was in subconscious state when the local people evacuated him from the crushed car and admitted him to the hospital. 

Initially he was responding slowly to the treatment provided to him but gradually after few days he responded very well and came out from dangerous situation. During the time when he was in under observation, hospital administration had published an article about his family in the newspaper so that relative could contact them. When no one contacted the administration then they decided to proceed with the funeral of Madhav’s family member.  
Later, he was transferred to government orphanage. This orphanage was supported or funded by government and high class society people. Under the shelter of the beautiful nature and the love received from the new home, he almost erased the dark memories of his life.

“No matter how bad the circumstances are, don’t lose hope because after every dark night there comes a bright day – Anurag Prakash Ray”

God had given him a second life to continue the journey and discover the purpose of the life. 
Madhav noted - The majority of orphanage children and elder person displayed a positive behaviour. He was welcomed very well and later developed a great bonding with all of them. He was an intellectual boy and having positive attitude to learn the new things. 

He got an admission in government school and started his daily routine e.g. 7:30 AM to 1: 00 PM school, 2 hours daily sleep and then helping others in their work. At night, after finishing the dinner – He spends 2 hours for finishing the homework and early morning 4:00 am to 6:00 am – in learning & reading the things. His dedication toward the study and work impressed the people around him.  Followed the same routine for many years with up & down, he completed his 10th standard with flying colors and decided to opt mathematic subject for 11th & 12th standard.

He never asked for any additional money from anyone. To continue his education, along with basic necessity; he decided to start taking tuition class after school hours so that he could save money for further education, fees and contribute something for the other orphanage children / people.

Orphanage administration was glad to see the achievements of Madhav and the contributions or values which he was adding in the society. Therefore they decided to present a bicycle to him so that he could manage his time effectively and it would be easy for him to commute. His education and tuition classes, both were going good. He became a good famous tutor there and whom he was teaching; they were also scoring good marks in their schools. Followed the same pattern for 2 years and completed his academic part with good result. 

After 12th Standard, in everyone life a turning point comes that is – What next? Similar situation occurred in the front of Madhav. He decided to go for B.Sc. (Mathematics) because he loved the teaching profession and also his father was a teacher so he wanted to go ahead with this. He studied day & night and prepared himself for the entrance examination in order to get the best college for his graduation.

“Keep your dream alive. Understand to achieve anything requires faith and belief in yourself, vision, hard work, determination, and dedication. Remember all things are possible for those who believes – Gail Devers”

Finally result announced, Madhav secured 2nd Rank and applications were invited for admission. He applied & got an admission in the one of best college with scholarship. College was 8 KM far from his orphanage and his bicycle was a lovely friend to support him in every day commute.

A new chapter started: First day & First Show – I intended to say senior gang got the new “BAKRAs” for ragging. The first “BAKRA” was Madhav – They ordered Madhav to do 90 degree salute to all the seniors. He did well and continued his first admission formalities. It was hectic day for him so didn’t get a chance to interact with other people. Next day, they targeted Madhav again in order to test his tolerance level. Initially started with 90 degree salute, classical dance on hip-hop song and then the main task – Propose a girl. It was a challenging task for Madhav to propose a girl but he attempted.

He thought whosoever the first girl would come on his way, he would propose her. Suddenly, a beautiful girl crossed his way – that was Lavanya.  Lavanya was born and brought up in upper class society. Her father was a successful business man. She never struggled to get the things in her life, whenever she demanded anything – Her family arranged it on time. She was very beautiful, got oval shaped face & long straight hair, blue eyes and an interesting full mouth. She was cheerful & had a smiling face. She was very friendly and blended of modern outlook, whereas Madhav was a traditional guy. She had a different plan for future that’s why she joined this college for the study of Hospitality management. 

He stepped toward her, in an attempt to propose her but the minute she turned & said “Hi”. His mouth dropped open as if to say something, but he quickly closed it. His heart beat started pumping with double rate and a silence atmosphere created around him – He wanted to tell lot of things but words were coming out.  At last, he broke his silence and said the truth that as part of ragging, he had to propose any girl and fortunately you were the first one. Madhav introduced himself & said –I, I, I, I….Love you, She smiled and replied – I could understand your situation & love you too. The conversation ended here with “Bye”.

“No one believes in love at first sight until that special person comes along and steals your heart – Unknown”

Madhav was thinking, whatever she said – it was true or just for fun. But answer of this complex situation puzzled him whole night. Throughout the night, he was recalling each & every moment like the way we generally play particular movie script using forward & rewind. Genesis of something started here...

Next day, new dawn and started his day with full of confidence & happiness. He wished his seniors & moved toward his class. During the lunch time, he wandered here & there to get the glimpse of that girl again but no luck. He continued his other stuff after classes e.g. tuition class and reached home at evening. The strength of his tuition class was growing day by day because the way he was solving the problem and explaining it, people liked that approach. Madhav was much focused person and had some goals but one soft heart too which he lost after meeting with her. 

One week was almost getting over and no sign to see her again but sudden he heard the same voice. He turned and noticed that she was going to canteen with new friends. Madhav didn’t want to miss this opportunity so he followed that group from canteen to her classroom but without anyone’s notice. At least, he got to know about her department and a new check point!!

And the day came when both met at the entrance gate. Madhav initiated the chat and apologized for all things which happened earlier. She replied Okay, no problem. While walking together & going to their department, Madhav had given his introduction (skipped all the family & orphanage data) and requested to share something about her. She shared it. Genesis of new friendship started here …

Both started reaching at college gate at same time. She informed the driver to drop & pick up her from gate only and Madhav used to come by his own bicycle. Both started sharing the good time – A walk from gate to department, lunch & snack time with friends, and evening walk from department to gate. Sometime they were bunking the class for movie, wandering around the college and city with friends. They were sharing the good or bad things which happened in college, personal life, dreams & helping each other in case of any problem.  

One side a good friend circle formed; another side bad boys or aimless rich kids with too much money wanted to have a date with Lavanya. She was a very beautiful girl therefore lots of people were keeping their eyes on her. Also attempted to stop her and proposed her but she rejected their proposal straightaway & slapped them. Few got angry when she rejected their proposal and waiting for right time to take the revenge. Also they had a fought with Madhav because he was close to her and warned him to stay away from her.

Madhav was a normal person but he had good contacts because of his tuition class, all the students who were studying in his tuition class, they were always ready to support him. Adding another phase of the coin – Lavanya was the first person whom he proposed even though it was a part of ragging but she was residing on his heart. He liked her company, her way to express the things, her Masti and all... 

2.8 years had gone and their friendship became stronger; only 4 months were remaining to move to next phase of their life. One day, Madhav called her and invited her for coffee. At same time, many things were going on his mind – he wanted to check with Lavanya; what she thinks about him. She came and greeted him “Good Evening”. Here heartbeat of Madhav was pumping with double rate. Both enjoyed the coffee then decided to go for a walk. 

After walking few KMs, Madhav got down on one knee in front of Lavanya and shared the feeling which he secured for her in his heart. Lavanya was amazed & replied that – We are just best friends and beyond that I never thought it. Madhav tried to persuade her but no luck. At last, she had broken her silence and revealed the truth which he was not aware. She said that she already in love with someone and wanted to marry with him. After hearing this, Madhav was sad because his heart was broken but meanwhile, he didn’t want to hurt Lavanya so he diverted the entire topic & transformed into Joke, But Lavanya took it seriously.

Next day, Madhav was waiting for her at the college gate but she informed the driver to drop her inside the college; not at the gate. Lavanya’s behaviour hurt him a lot. During lunch time, Madhav tried to connect with her but she replied that she was too busy on assignment so couldn’t join. Madhav was apologizing multiple times for last night incident but she was silent. Madhav was very sad & thinking that his small mistake had drastically changed everything which he never thought about it. 

He apologized multiple times; every day waiting at the gate, during lunch time – waiting for her to have the food.  Sometime he also followed her car by his bicycle but she ignored him. One day, he stopped her on the way and asked “Why are you behaving odd from couple of weeks”. She replied in a bad tone: Listen, I don’t want to see you anymore and you are not my kind of boy. And I don’t want to talk to you anymore.”

Madhav replied with smile –Okay cool down Lavanya, I promise… will not show my face. Take care and study well. He stepped ahead and decided not to hurt her again. That day was very painful for Madhav; he reached his home and locked himself for 5 hours. Other members of the orphanage were surprised because they never seen Madhav in such condition. After 5 hours, he opened the door and requested his colleague for a walk. During walking, he expressed his pain and about Lavanya’s behaviour. His colleague suggested him to forget and focus on coming exam. 

Madhav started going college early and leaving late, also shifted the timing of his tuition class to avoid the time clash. He was utilizing the additional time for his study. Followed the same pattern for next 3 months; he appeared for the final semester and cleared it with flying colours. 

All the friends started their parallel life and moved ahead… after college 6 months was over; both Lavanya and Madhav never tried to contact each other. Sometime Lavanya was thinking that she behaved very rudely with Madhav whereas Madhav promised her that he wouldn’t show his face. 

Life is too short. We never know what happens from one minute to the next.

One day a horrible incident happened with Lavanya; she was doing shopping for her engagement in the market. She was very excited and purchased lot of things. At the same time gang of chain-snatcher was also trying their hand. They noticed golden chain with a beautiful pendent on Lavanya’s neck and attempted to snatch it but she caught them. In hurry to safe their life they threw acid on her face and ran away. She asked for the help then people gathered there and immediately called the local doctor.  Local doctor had diagnosed her and did the basic treatment. Also said, her face was saved but few part of face & major portion of acid entered into eyes so couldn’t say at the moment. She transferred to best hospital where advance treatment started.  Later 7 hours, doctor came with one bad news that she lost her eye-sight due to this attack and minor part of left side of the face was affected.

This news had created sensational everywhere e.g. newspaper, T.V and Radio etc. Police started searching the chain-snatchers who committed this crime. Lavanya was not aware about this fact that she lost her eyes-sight because she was timely saying that she was able to complete dark. Family & doctors around her were saying that both eyes & few portion of the face were impacted therefore they covered it with loose bandage. Meanwhile, when her boyfriend & family got to know about this news then they decided not to proceed further in engagement and taken their steps back. This incident had changed everything.

Meantime, when Madhav got to know about this bad news then he couldn’t controlled himself and picked his bicycle and reached to hospital directly. As he promised her that he wouldn’t show his face to her so he was watching her from outside of the ICU. Tears were falling from his eyes. He checked with nurse or doctor about her condition and got to know that she lost her eyes-sight in this accident. The moments, the dreams she shared with him were flashing in his eyes. He left the hospital because it was tough for him to see her in such pain. She was the first person whom he loved a lot and wanted to do anything for her. He reached home and locked himself and recalling all things. He questioned himself & god: What god has given him since birth, only pain and struggling life?  Why bad things happen to good people? 

At last, he decided that he couldn’t see her in this situation therefore would donate his eyes. He reached to hospital without telling anyone about this decision to his orphanage. He requested doctor to use his eyes for her and not to reveal this with anyone. Initially doctor was not agreed with this decision because here one person forcefully pushing his life into the dark world for other. He shared all the things with doctor about his past and convinced him. Doctor asked him to sign all the forms and submit the authorization letter. 

He did it, Doctor started with further proceeding and informed Lavanya that they would be doing some operation on her eyes (Lavanya was not aware about this fact that she lost her eyes-sight). Operation successfully executed, the eyes of Madhav transferred to Lavanya. Two days later, he got discharged from the hospital and called his colleague to help him. When he reached his home then all the member of the orphanage were stunned because they never ever seen such sacrifice, anyone had done for someone. They welcomed his decision and supported him. Madhav requested all the member and administration of the Orphanage – Not to reveal this information with anyone in case when internal or external people would approach you.

After few days, doctor removed the bandage from her eyes and requested her to see. She opened her eyes slowly and responded properly. After acid attack, it was the first day when she saw her face in the mirror. She didn’t notice minutely about her eyes at that time and worrying about few portion of the face which was also operated. She was happy that she back to her normal life and got to know about her broken engagement. It was a painful & confusing experience but a new learning for her. 

One day, when she was watching her face closely on the mirror then observed her eyes were different. For time being she thought it was because of acid attack but she was not convinced properly so decided to go to hospital to investigate. She asked all the doctor and administration but no-one was revealing the information. She was upset and sitting at the corner; waiting for others to help her. At last, when she lost the hope and a nurse came to help her but she requested her, not to tell anyone else hospital administration would fire her from job. She promised… Nurse got the address of that person who donated his eyes from database but name was removed so only address was available. 

Lavanya dropped multiple letters to that address but not getting any reply. One day, she decided to visit on that address and found it belongs to some orphanage. She enquired, to know about the person who donated his eyes for her but no positive response she received. She returned with tearful eyes because she was trying hard but getting no input from anyone. Madhav’s colleague informed Madhav about the same and expressed her pain to him. 

After 1 month, Madhav requested his colleague to drop a letter to Lavanya and invite her for dinner from well-wisher (eyes-donator). Madhav’s colleague arranged everything and planned a beautiful location for the dinner. All set, just waiting for the Lavanya to come.

She came and escorted by one the friend of Madhav. Ambience was good, beautiful sky with twinkling stars, chill atmosphere and dinner table at the center of the garden with pleasant lights. She was very eagerly waiting for the person who donated his eyes to her. Waiter came and requested her to wrap a blindfold around her eyes, she did. 

Madhav’s colleague helped Madhav to reach to place. Lights Off, complete darkness was around then waiter requested her to remove the blindfold from her eyes. Lights On, Lavanya was shocked after watching Madhav in that place. She started crying, because she realized that she did lot of mistakes in her life to identify the people. She also recalled the moment when she talked roughly with him. She was crying badly. Madhav replied –

Lavanya, please stop crying, Lets bygones be bygones. You are so special person in my life and I don’t want you to cry for anything. If you will cry then it would hurt me a lot.  He shared all the past incidents which happened with him since childhood (which he didn’t disclose to her). You added happiness in my life. I cannot see you in that situation that’s why I have taken this step. I wanted you to achieve your dreams which you had shared with me long time back. 

Tears from Lavanya’s eyes were continuously falling. She was thinking that I had given him lot of pain but still he sacrificed for me and always thought about my good & future. He donated his eyes for me to see the world. Life taught her a big lesson which she would never forget. She apologized for everything and decided to support him forever.

“In case you never get a second chance: don't be afraid!" "And what if you do get a second chance?" "You take it!” ― C. JoyBell C.