Monday, December 26, 2016

MSIMQA: A Throwback Journey

 In May 2014, I reached to new island “CG” after sailing boat from last 4.6 years on the ocean. I stepped ahead to explore it and meet the new people of this island. At first glance; It looked awesome place – Scattered towers, land covered with trees, beautiful path that connects these towers and greenery.

I finished my joining formalities and got the POC contact details from HR for further account related onboarding process. I called on that cell no. and other side – Amit G received it. He provided the access of the ODC and introduced me with Anand. Anand helped me to understand the area and introduced me with rest of the team member; primarily Aditi – I was the replacement of her.

My KT started by multiple people – Aditi, Mahima and Anand and after 3-4 days, I started working on small releases as a shadow resource.  Ashutosh returned from Goa after his marriage and bought some sweets for team. We interacted and further he introduced me with his team (Robin, Nikita and Salena).

Gradually, a small group formed and strong understanding developed among us. We were eating, roaming and doing masti together along with work. My journey in CG started with Celebration; just spending few weeks I got an opportunity to join the team lunch and events.

One side I was feeling comfortable with surrounding environment but on another side To & Fro waves started. New faces started replacing the existing member and existing one moving toward a new horizon. I would like to summarize that period with this statement “Wake up to the new dawn after fears of night before”.  

In April 2015, I got an opportunity to work on Equity side and things were going good with the existing team members but a pain of losing these members were in my heart. Since my DOJ, I got a good company and enjoyed good stint with them. Ashutosh helped me a lot to understand the basic things of Capital market and we spent great time – Discussion, having lunch, going for Snacks, 4:30 PM long walk and Idhar Udhar Ghumna Phirna.

Later a new team formed to manage this area. We worked hard and tried to meet all the deadlines. After couple of months; things streamlined and turned into green.  We divided our cubical on the basis of time zone (LN-NY-PARIS-MEXICO) and people were also working on that mode. Let me introduce my team here (Mayank, Smita, Meghna and Swati) – All are expert in their area but some are exceptional.

Our cubical was center of the MSIM area or can be considered as Heart of the MSIM because top side – RE team was sitting, Center – Equity and bottom side – S&M and AIP.  We together were a chatterbox; always talking along with work, testing the G.K of few people, trip planning, silent fighting and many more. Beside my cubical we had some plugin team – (Snehal, Yakshi & Sarita); they were timely joining us every day during our conversations or masti time.

Along with testing deliverable; I opted to take additional responsibilities to explore myself. These additional responsibilities provided me a great platforms e.g. MadFest, Floor SPOC, ERT Member, M8-Bus Monitor and many more to connect with great people within MS account or outside MS.  These platforms extended my friendship network to extreme level (around 200+ people; I know by name and others by face).

One side, I was a good person because of some good things but on another side bad for some hard decisions which mostly took during bus monitoring if people didn’t follow the rules & guidelines. I still remember the conversation b/w two people where girl suggested her friend to take M8 for Dange Chowk and he replied – No, bus monitor of that route is dangerous. Anyways all were the part of life – Best statement for this “You cannot make happy all the person at same time; some takes time or some don’t want to be”. Learn the things and move ahead that is all about life.

My journey with CG was awesome; got good platforms to explore myself and opportunities to interact with good people (which are part of my hobbies). Here sharing the few things which I would miss or remarkable forever:

Best Things Of U which I would miss or remember forever
Amit G
First CG (Boss), Till late hours working passion, PPM & Clarity Detailed Email
Anand K
Cool Lead and Comedy Night with Kapil Sharma on YouTube
First person whom I replaced
Swati V
F5, 11 to 6 Job timing, G.K, Crime Patrol, Manual Testing Ka Shock and Double promotion
Suvish N
Gym Lover, Good Cricketer and Round table discussion with bade log in U3 Pantry, Using Strongest Perfume after 5:00 PM
Mahesh G
Another Gym Lover, Birthday Cake – Fund Collector and Royal Enfield Lover
Blue Dress at Yolo
Priyanka K
First Song sung for us in our cubical “Mera Dil Jis Dil Pe Fida Ha”
Pot Luck Organizer, Passive Replier (May be you are thinking a lot while replying)
Always my Infy, Main Bhi Kahun-ga (instead of –gi), DDR Portal , SPOC and Bus Monitor
Sneha K
Best Pic with Salman Khan at MadFest Event in 2015
Swati P
OMS Dashboard
Priyanka M
Your Exit Clearance
Well Wisher Of Bhabhi Ji, Cartoon and Banana Lover, Hard Working Guy
Ek Baat Kah Deti Hun, Online Utility, Mohini, Silent Fighter, Collection, SelFie, Swami Vivekananda, Equity Team, “Are Ank...Ankit” and Best Pal
Vrat me Panni ki Awaaz, TV Serial Ki Dukan, Rani, 100 * 5 RS, Every day release & tension
IM Governance & CMS/DMS, All time phone Pe Baat and muffler women
Our Trip Planner, 9 Baje Tak Rukna, Singer Taher Saha- Mankind Angel & Chicken Lover
Zeal to learn Macro
Different size Fans, Asking tough questions during meeting, small bottle & helpful Banda
CMS/DMS Subject Matter Expert and Online TV serials
CMS/DMS Subject Matter Expert and Pictionary lover.
Another Gym Lover, Bacca Bucci Shoes and always book table at BBQ for team party
Perl Scripter but did well in Manual Testing and Quora
8:30 to 5:30 Job timing, Good Database: If u needs input about anyone then approach her
Riddle Quiz Solving Skill, NCFM Level 2 Certified, Bindas Bidu and Daily Quote
K.V Katni (Badminton Events), Equity Leader, Great Advisor and Supportive.
Hats Off to your tolerance level, Good person and always supportive.
Automation COE
Dream to make online learning website, Bindass Punjaban
Capital Market BA, Great Punch-Line maker whenever he had funny debate with Nazneen
Always give Rock-Bottom looks like photo pose
Equity Automation Framework Designer, Writing Multiple Notes at his desk for reminder
Best Pal, Great Advisor, Capital Market Guru, Kind-Hearted Person, My First MI3 Mobile booked by him, Best time spent with him in CG.
RE to aap se hi tha, hain and ab rahne wala hain J
Automation COE, Founder Of MSIMQA Fun Team and MSIM QA Second (Boss)
RSA Token, Galat Jhuta, My First Basic Photography Trainer, Multiple LIC &  Vedhani
Neha N
Didn't forget her Old firm still using in MS Passwd, Dev To QA, WFH 
Football Lover and Mutreja's Fav 

YouTube Details:

Wishing you all the best for future assignments and hoping will meet somewhere.


Lakshmipathi Goalla said... [Reply to comment]

Great work Ankit, Thank you so much for Post.This link wll remind us the every moment we spent together.

Swati Patil said... [Reply to comment]

OMS Dashboard.. i will never forget it.. 😅

Preeti Mishra said... [Reply to comment]

Very well written Ankit, all the best for future Diaries :)

LionHeart said... [Reply to comment]

Good one Ankit!
Nice one liners for everyone :)

Mayank said... [Reply to comment]

Awesome work ankit..nice writeup..thanks for all the collection of team photos. All the best.

Rakesh Singh Chouhan said... [Reply to comment]

Ankit sab sahi likha but first 2 words are for you not for me............

leang heng said... [Reply to comment]

Nice one liners for everyone.