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@PAR2016: Treasure Hunt

TCS-Maitree is a core central team within TCS which has started many initiatives to bind the people together through organization’s activities e.g. @PAR (Pune Adventure Race), Family/Summer/Health camp, awareness & environment related program etc. I would like to share my experience on Treasure Hunt game which I gained via @PAR2016. Previously I had experienced about this game in limited domain & format but after participating in @PAR2016 (12th Dec 2016 – as Team B1 Pune Explorer 2); I would say -“This treasure hunt was truly amazing”. Going forward my mind will always force me to get the knowledge of your surrounding objects which we mainly skip it.

Sharing my first adventure experience in TCS:

Last Friday 9th Dec, I was about to leave from Office then got a call from Sachin. He informed me about the adventurous game and checked my interest on it. It sounded good to me after knowing the format of this game which I have never ever experienced before, therefore I said “Yes”.  I got the instruction booklet on WhatsApp and also added into an internal group with experts.

Format and Important Rules:
  • Formation of team (mandatory 4 members) where at-least 1 girl should be present in your team.
  • Treasures are already placed anywhere in Pune, so find it and take the Selfie with that and upload it against the question.
  • Two people will acts as a lead (primary and backup) and @PAR app should be installed on their smartphone. Password will be provided during start of the game at their WhatsApp group. Each individual team has a group on WhatsApp with Reviewer or ClueMaster ( who would help you if you use your life line)
  • Two sets of questions will be revealed via Group 1 and Group 2 where timing for Group 1 (set of questions) – 8:30 AM and Group 2 (set of questions) – 12:00 PM.  Answers of Group 1 – acceptable till 1:00 PM and for Group 2 – till 5:00 PM.
  • Two life-lines / per team available, if we use it then we will get -100 point for that question. e.g. Question 3 – Level: Medium – Point 200 and used lifeline & able to crack the puzzle so (200 – 100 = 100) will be credited to our account.
  • Use your personal vehicles to commute to the place where treasures are placed; most important follow all the traffic rules and carry the mandatory documents & helmets.
  •  Registration desks close timing - 7:30 AM morning, so team has to report prior to that.

Saturday 10th Dec, Morning - most of the members of our group woke up at 4:00 AM and did their daily tasks and some searching on Google. I started my journey at around 6:45 AM; weather was too chilling; while riding bike - hands were getting frozen and whenever I was exhaling breath then adding an appearance of chain smoking. We decided to meet at Sahyadari Park at 7:00 AM but all reached at around 7:10 AM. Manoj was the first one whom I noticed at the entrance gate when I reached there. He was rubbing his hands to get back the blood circulation to normal state.

Sachin came by his car, along with some strategy. We parked our vehicles at SP2 basement and quickly went to registration desk to enroll our name where we got T-Shirts & Bags (with tag line: Are you @PAR?). We changed it and were waiting for 4th & mandatory member “Ashwini”.  In a couple of minutes she also joined us and then we went to photography desk where our group photo was shot by experts J . 60+ team (approx.) had enrolled their name for this game.

We had our breakfast at Zunka, Cafeteria and decided to travel in a car where 1 person would drive the car and rest other would Google the questions in order to get the hint and also share the question in our closed internal group for others to crack it. We left office at around 8:35 AM and took Selfie for the first question. There was a trick behind this first simple question that was – Not to identify the people but to check the @PAR App operations whether uploaded pic was getting accepted by app or not J

After question 1 – Selfie photo, we moved ahead toward Aundh to take the shot with one of next questions which we cracked – Bal Kalyan Sanstha. After that – Saniwarwada, Kasba Ganpati, Phule Wada, Station, Neelyam theater, Blue Nile, Vijay Talkies , Sambhaji Park and then TCS – TRDDC (pune). We checked with security guard about any activities which were happening here. He replied “No” and said – 15+ people came here & asked the same question.  Time was around 12:30 PM then we had given secondary thought of TCS-Mangal Das office but it was tough to reach there in 30 min. Sachin drove his car very well and we just entered into the gate at 12:50 PM.

Till that time Group 2 (set of questions were also revealed) and we circulated in our group to get the expert reply.  We opted TCS Mangal Das Office at last because there were some activities involved in that puzzle for which we would get some rating from activity coordinator. At around 1:00 PM our turn came and activity was – Acid Test: Four Bricks, 3 lanes and 4 team member had to cross the acid river without touching their feet into the acid river. For this task we got 3 min only; no time for planning and strategy. We were puzzled and stucked in between lane 1 only. Activity time was completed - Got “C” rating and uploaded the Selfie pic with coordinator.

We were totally exhausted; Back paining while sitting in the car from last 4 hours and also too much hungry. But Sachin looks too much active among all. He was our true captain & perfect pilot who drove his car in the zigzag, narrow & broad lane of Pune with lot of patience; along with dealing good people on the road (I hope you understood what I am trying to say – In pune while riding your car, we could see lot of good people blocking your road by their bikes . If anybody wants to gain this experience then please drive your car during 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM at Hinjewadi road (especially from KPIT to Wipro circle))

We decided to take rest prior to start solving the group 2 puzzles and had Khakhra, moong dal & ladoo during our lunch. NFS (Need For Speed and Need For Solution both required because answers for Group 2 set of questions would be closed at 5:00 PM) Trip 2 started at around 2:15 PM with clueless direction and covered Aga Khan Place, Tribal Museum , KEM hospital, Parwardhan Samadhai, Ferguson College, Abhyankar Path, Pune Station and then St. Mary Church (near bishop school).  Out of 11 questions we attempted to cover around 8 questions but were not sure for few questions whether submitted answers were right or wrong.

2:15 PM to 5:00 PM: 2 hours 45 minutes – Painful & direction less path and also high time to face the weekend traffic. We reached St. Mary Church, near bishop school just 7 min prior to 5 o’clock and submitted the answer that was our last attempt. We thanks to all the experts who were actively involved thought out the day to crack the puzzles and moved ahead toward Sahyadari Park to report back because it was mandatory.

5:00 PM to 6:00 PM: 1 hour – Lucky window was still opened to answer lucky clue 1 and 2.  Lucky Clue 1 – Take a Selfie with PMPML Hinjewadi – Airport bus and Lucky Clue 2 – Take a Selfie with Honda Navi with valid no. plate.  During the return journey, we were keeping our eyes on the road to capture these clues atleast in order to get the points to compensate the 3 questions which was not attempted by us in group 2. The way we were keeping our eyes on road looks like – We were from Income Tax department team and going to raid anyone whomsoever we found with that unique bike J #DemonetizationEffect.

By chance, we got this lucky bike near Shivaji Nagar– Honda Navi with valid no. plate for lucky clue 2 and submitted our response. Then moved ahead to capture Lucky Clue 1 – PMPML Airport Shuttle Bus, honestly speaking – We could see this bus very easily everyday but on that day we didn’t notice from Shivaji Nagar to Hinjewadi Phase 3.

Someone said correctly – “You won’t get the simple things easily, when you need it urgently

We reached office at around 6:10 PM and stopped our car in the front of TCS Sahyadari Park Office and had a great tea at Tapri. 6:15 PM reported back to SP; parked our car at SP1 basement and then had a heavy snack and moved ahead to Auditorium for the final result announcement.

Results announced and didn’t fall in top 3 but the best part was that we attempted to crack all the puzzles and reached beyond our comfort zone to chase it. We did our rough calculation after validating submitted answers with correct and I would say – We would be falling under top 10 out of 60+ team.

This treasure hunt game had made my day and gained wonderful experiences which would definitely help us in upcoming @PAR2017.

Here we go: (Some Lamhe)

Prior to close this space; I would like to hats off to below parties for providing me the opportunity to participate in this game.
  • Team B1 Pune Explorer 2 (Sachin, Ashwini, Manoj & I), special thanks to Sachin for driving the car throughout the day (covered around 240 KM) with great patience and zeal. Also Great Team efforts !!
  •  WhatsApp Group @PAR2016 (Sudhir, Vaibhavi, Girish, Nidhi, Yogesh, Varsha, Deva, etc.) : Thanks for supporting us throughout the day and helping us to crack the puzzle.
  •  @PAR2016 / TCS-Maitree Team : Thanks for organizing this wonderful game and executed it successfully with great strategy.
  • Other Team : Thanks for taking our few shots and also leaving your foot-marks which helped us to follow you, vice-versa :) 

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