Monday, December 5, 2016

Shuffle of Characters

I would like to depict my IT journey with this phrase “Shuffle of Characters”.  This phrase has forced me to think all the events which happened in my life from past to current state and time to time these events left some sign for me which I was not aware.

Prior to start penning downs the instances; I would share something related to Destiny & Luck. Destiny is predetermined course of events and mostly people believe that god decides & plan the events at the time of our birth; the things that may happen in our life at particular time. Whereas luck is something, which influence the path of our destiny. Sometime luck may help us to reach our destiny and sometime it will also stop us from reaching our destiny.

In 2007, during college time there was a race to secure the job and I was also part of it. We were eagerly waiting for the mass recruiter firm “TCS” to come in our college. Each individual had prepared himself / herself a lot with BARRON word list and all the previous placement papers were downloaded & covered.

2 days prior, we got to know that due to changes in schedule – Day 1 Company would be “CTS” instead of TCS. At the ground root, all the students were puzzled and were thinking what to do now. There was no option left, so all jumped from BARRON to adopt different pattern. We all studied day and night for 2 days and prepared at some extent.

Day 1 came, we all joined the queue at around 8:45 AM and waiting for their turn. My turn came at around 10:45 PM, my mind was saying that till then recruiter would be exhausted & I would be rejected by them definitely. He interviewed me around 45 minutes and asked all the questions – schooling / college projects and coding. Next day, List disclosed and out of 1200 – around 300 students were selected.

Joined CTS and got testing project which was just opposite of my choice. I was looking space at Development side because got good hold in coding during college time and also computer science graduate. But accepted it with this hope that something good ahead planned for me… Waiting for me…

In 2013, I got an assignment for 7 months to work at client location – Park Street, London Bridge near Thames River.  During that time, we delivered the testing solution for Industry Account Switching and working on another major programme. My college friend who was in Glasgow; visited London during Diwali time and we decided to explore Canary Wharf and Greenwich. While covering the lane of Canary Wharf, we did some photo shoots. But coincidentally he took one shot which defined my future milestone.

In 2014, I moved to new firm – CG and got MS account. For me, it was a new world from payments domain to Capital market and looks complex but I accepted this challenge. Honestly speaking, I like challenges and following simple concept – If we have dynamic approach then everything would be easy. One weekend, I was taking the backup of all the photos which I took from last 1-2 years after reviewing one by one.

Then I noticed the below snap which I cropped it and uploaded here, else it would be tough to recognize the background word (Watch the background clearly then you will notice something). This shot was taken in 2013 (8 months before) and I got the MS account in June 2014.

Now due to business changes in 2016, I moved to the firm which was supposed to come in 2007.  That’s why I opted this phrase “Shuffle of Character” : C.T. S  to T.C.S because of the logical events which happened during my journey.

At last, I would like to say that – Life is short and for each individual destiny has been defined; do your best then positive vibes will support you to go ahead. Moment will come on your way and leave some sign about your future… so keep your eyes open :)

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