Monday, November 13, 2017

Chhath Puja 2017

Chhath Puja 2017: The week before last; I visited Buxar (Bihar) for Chhath Puja celebration. This festival is one of the biggest fest for all the people who belong to Bihar, U.P, Jharkhand and Nepal too or connected directly / indirectly to these states via their ancestral roots. Last time I visited this place in 2013; from then to now many things have been changed. In the beginning of this year, I have promised my mother that will visit during Chhath Puja time whatever would be the situation in office. Well, honestly speaking both office works via remote computing and personal commitment managed nicely even though situation of my current project is at peak (Burning state).

Let me pen down the origin & importance of Chhath Puja, History & Some Facts of Buxar city:

*** Chhath Puja: Origin & Importance ***

This festival is considered a toughest as compared to others because any mistake noticed during the puja then it turned out as a “Bad Things To Happen” to the person’s life or their family. According to ecologist – Chhath is an eco-friendly Hindu festival because all the things that are used in rituals are obtained naturally. “Chhath is an ancient Hindu Vedic festival dedicated to the Sun and his two wives Usha (First light of the day) & Pratyusha (Last light of the day) in order to thank them for bestowing the bounties of life”

Sun is necessary for life of possibly every creature on the earth and this festival is a way to pay tribute to it irrespective of caste, creed, gender and social stigma. Sun God is believed to impart good health, prosperity, intelligence, and well-being. Therefore, the Surya Namaskar (sun salutation) is said to cure one of many different forms of mental and physical illness

This festival starts: 4th day from Diwali and ends at 7th day. It’s a four-day fest & the people who would be doing this Puja have to follow a strict rule during the course.

According to the rituals, women need to fast for four days following all the rules strictly:

·         Usage of garlic and onion is restricted during the puja. Even regular salt is not consumed during these days; the devotees can consume rock salt instead.

First Day (4th day from Diwali): This day is known as NAHA-KHA where people who do fast take a bath in holy water, preferably of river Ganga to purify themselves and prepare food (consisting of rice, dal mixed with pumpkin, made in pure ghee). They are allowed to consume this meal only once in that day.

Second Day (5th day from Diwali): This day is known as KHARNA or Kheer-Roti (An Indian recipe where rice is prepared with sweetened milk instead of water) and chapatti (called roti in many Indian provinces). The people observes fast for the full day without taking even water and eat this Kheer-Roti as dinner after offering it to the rising moon and goddess ganga. This is the only time when they eat or drink anything from the starting of the day till the last day of Chhath.

Third Day (6th day from Diwali): This day is the main festival day and known as Chhath. The devotees do nirjala-vrat (Fast without taking single drop of water). During evening they go to bank of river Ganga with carrying Fruits/Prasad arranged in Tokna & Suppa (Utensil made up of bamboo). Devotee offering fruits and sweets in winnow to the setting sun; which is called as Sandhya Argh. Devotees, whose wishes are fulfilled, generally go to the water bodies performing Dandavat (covering the distance alternately lying and standing on the road from home to Ghat)

Fourth Day (7th day from Diwali): The last day of Chhath is known as Suryoday Argh. Devotees start reaching to the Ghat early morning [from 3 am to 5 am] and stand in water and wait for sunrise. Devotees worship the rising sun and break their fast by consuming the holy Prasad and have fruits and sweets as well. The offerings made to the Sun God include the new harvest. The food consumed during this period includes these freshly cultivated fruits, vegetables and grains.

·         Usage of bed for sleeping is strictly prohibited during these days; devotes sleep on floor and in a separate room.
·         Usage of gas-stove to prepare the food or Prasad is strictly prohibited, devotes prepare their food and Prasad on Chulha [mud stove made from local clay] & combustible material like wood dust, cow dung, pallets, grass and stick are used.

The main Prasad which devotee prepare for this festival is Thekua. It’s a popular homemade  desert from Bihar which prepared with whole wheat flour, sugar, and coconuts.

Origin of Chhath Puja:

There are several stories of the origin of Chhath Puja:

·         Ramayana: Lord Ram belonged to Suryavansha dynasty of the ancient India and their spiritual director was Surya (Lord Sun). They returned to Ayodhya after an exile of 14 years. To pay tribute to Sun ; lord Ram and Sita did holy bathing, Fasting and Abstaining from drinking water (Vrat), standing in water for long periods of time, offering Prasadam (prayer offerings) and Argh (commodity offering) to the rising and setting sun.
·         Mahabharata: Draupadi and the Pandavas, rulers of Indraprastha (modern Delhi), performed the Chhath ritual on the advice of noble sage Dhaumya. Through her worship of the Sun God, Draupadi was not only able to solve her immediate problems, but also helped the Pandavas later regain their lost kingdom.
·         Purana (Ancient): There was a king Priyavad didn’t have a child and thus, saint Kashyap asked him to perform Putrayeshti Yagya. His wife Malini was given Kheer as Prasad due to which she was blessed with a son. But, this son was born dead which distressed the King and he tried to kill himself. At that time, Lord’s human daughter, Devsena, appeared and told the King that she was Devi Shashti. She asked him to worship her and that he would be blessed with a child in return.

Women do this puja for longer life of her son.

*** History & Some Facts of Buxar city ***

Lord Ram killed Tadika (Rakshai: Demon) – As per mythology, Swami Vishwamitra was family guru of Lord Ram. They wanted to do unstoppable Yagya or Prayer at Buxar with their 8000 saints but every time they tried; Yagya was interrupted in between by the Rakshai – Tadika. So Vishwamitra demanded of King Dasaratha to send Ram & Lakshman to Buxar for education. Lord Ram killed Rakshai: Tadika and did her funeral near Chritarvan. Also Ram & Lakshman had their teaching accomplished at Buxar.

Ram-Rekha Ghat: Most sacred place in Buxar where Lord Ram took bath after killing Tadika. This place is connected to holy river Ganga where we can find the footsteps of Lord Rama. Also Lord Rama & Lakshman ate “Litti Chokha” there. Litti Chokha is a dough ball made up of whole wheat flour and stuffed with Sattu mixed with herbs and spices and then baked over coal or cow dung cakes or wood and served with Chokha – mashed char-grilled eggplant done with chilies, onion, tomato, cumin powder, coriander, and turmeric powder. Litti Chokha is Bihari delicacy and famous over there.

Ahirauli: It’s a place just six kilometer from Buxar where Ahilya, the wife of Gautam Rishi restored her human form from that of stone and attained salvation by a mere touch of the feet of Lord Rama.

Battle of Buxar: The Battle of Buxar was fought on 23rd Oct 1764 between British East India Company and combine force of armies of Mir Qasim, the Nawab of Bengal; the Nawab of Awadh; and the Mughal Emperor Shah Alam II. The battle fought at Buxar, a "small fortified town" within the territory of Bengal, located on the banks of the Ganges River about 130 kilometres (81 mi) west of Patna, was a decisive victory for the British East India Company. It proved to be decisive resulting in the establishment of British sovereignty in Bengal. This battle brought out the political weaknesses and military shortcomings of the Indians and the hollowness of the Mughal Empire.

Buxar Jail: Buxar jail is the main supplier of hanging rope across the India which is prepared by prisoner of that jail.  Infamous person like Afzal, Kasab, etc. hanged till death by those ropes.

Here are the glimpses of Chhath Puja 2017 which I witnessed through my digital & natural eyes:

Title: Chhath Puja 2017
Year: 2017
YouTube Link:

Thanks for watching this space.

Message through my blog to all the children – Your mother do this toughest fast for your longer life so never forget her in any stage of your life. And Do whatever you want to do but don’t trouble your mother !!!

Monday, September 25, 2017

Ganesha Chaturthi 2017

Ganesha Chaturthi: Is one of the most important Hindu festivals which is celebrated throughout India but would like to say that it is celebrated now days globally wherever Indian’s are. Let me underline the importance of this festival which I have witnessed in Maharashtra from last 8 years. This festival is not only welcomed by Hindu’s but all the religions whether they are Sikh, Muslim, Christian, etc. with great devotion. 

Lord Ganesha is the symbol of wisdom, prosperity and good fortune. There are numerous name of Lord Ganesha and each name depict the uniqueness; I do remember around 30 names which I could chant in a single breathe.

The word “Ganesha” pronounced as (Ganeśa) which consist of Sanskrit word “Gan” means Group and “Eśa” means Lord or Master. As per Hindu mythology – Lord Ganesha is governing the entire universe because universe consists of group of atoms and the behavior of each atom is different. To control and manage all the atoms in a group – Ganesha has taken that accountability.

Origin of Ganesha: Ganesha is the son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvathi. The birth of Ganesha happened for a reason. One day, Parvathi was planning to go for bath and she didn’t want to be disturbed during her bath since Nandi was not at Mt. Kailash to keep guard the door. She took turmeric from her body and made an idol (in a form of boy) and given life into him. 

She introduced him with all gods and also requested to bless her son. However Shani (Saturn) was also there and hesitating to look at the baby because Shani was cursed with the gaze of destruction. Parvathi insisted him to look at her baby and he did. The period of 7 ½ years immediately started when Shani (Saturn) looked at the Ganesha & later that was also the cause of head fell off.

During the birth of Ganesha - Lord Shiva was not in Kailash. Parvathi instructed Ganesha to guard the door and not allow anyone to enter till she finished her bath. Ganesha promised her mother that he would do the same. Subsequently, Lord Shiva came to Kailash and found that strange body guarding the door and obstructing him to enter. Shiva didn’t like the behavior of Ganesha even though he mentioned that he is Parvathi’s husband. But still Ganesha didn’t allow him to enter then finally Lord Shiva decided to fight with that boy. During the fight, he beheaded him with his Trishul. This incident was a forecasted event as a part of curse given by Rishis Kashyap (Father of Sun) to Shiva when Shiva had killed Lord Sun. Rishis Kashyap cursed Shiva that he would lose his son’s head one day. After the death of Lord Sun, Shiva realized that the entire creation would be impacted if Sun would absent. Therefore he restored the life to the dead body but the curse given by Rishis Kashyap couldn’t be taken back.

When goddess Parvathi got to know about his son was beheaded by his own father then she didn’t control her anger and decided to destroy the entire creation. It was very hard time for Trimurti [Lord Brahma the creator, Lord Vishnu the preserver, and Shiva the destroyer / re-generator] to control Goddess Parvathi. Goddess Parvathi had put two conditions in the front of all the lords – 

(a). Restore the life of her dead son as it is 

(b). Her son should be worshiped first among all the gods then she wouldn’t destroy the entire creation. 

Lord Shiva was bounded with some principal; he could restore the life again but could not join the same head. He sent his Shiva-dutas out with orders to bring back the head of the first creature that is lying dead with its head facing North. The Shiva-dutas soon returned with the head of a strong and powerful elephant which Lord Brahma placed onto boy's body. Breathing new life into him, he was declared as Gajanana and gave him the status of being foremost among the gods, and leader of all the Ganas (classes of beings), Ganapati.

All the Lords and Goddess had given one portion of their power to Ganapati and added responsibilities to take care of the universe. 

One day Parashurama (an avatar of Vishnu) wanted to visit Kailash to meet Lord Shiva but his way was blocked by Ganapati. Parashurama hurled himself at Ganesha with his axe and Ganesha (knowing that this axe was given to him by Shiva) allowed himself out of respect to be struck and lost his tusk as a result. That’s why Ganpati also named as Ekdanth.

The famous epic “Mahabharata” (The Kuruksetra War between Pandava and Kaurava princes) was narrated by Poet Vyasa and written by Ganesha from his broken tusk. 

Ganesha Symbolism:

 P.C – Taken from Google and Appreciating the efforts of author for explaining the things nicely.

Ganesha Chaturthi is a ten-day festival which mainly happens during the month of August and September where people are celebrating the Birthday of Ganesha. People across the India and globally install the idol of Ganesha at their home, public places (on temporary stage called as Pandal). Maharashtra is the hub where you can find lot of devotees coming from different states to get the blessing of Ganesha (mainly Mumbai - Lalbaugcha Raja Charan or Mukh Darshan, Siddhivinayak Temple; Pune – Dagduseth Temple and many more places). I started installing the idol of Ganesh @ home in Pune from last year; previously I was doing during school days. I visit Mumbai every year to get the glimpse of Ganesha and within Pune. 

Here are the glimpses of Ganesha Chaturthi (2017) which I captured through my lens in spite of facing the huge crowd of devotees.

Title: Ganesha Chaturthi 2017
Year: 2017
YouTube Link:


Wednesday, September 6, 2017

QA Lunchbox

QA Lunchbox: This title is definitely used from an Indian film – The Lunchbox (2013) but I wanted to use this word to articulate the recent QA team event which we did last Friday dated – 01/09/2017. Prior to start penning down the stuff about our recent event – Let me refresh the old memories of our childhood.

During school days, we all were carrying our lunchbox with us which holds a sweet treasure within it. An effort of our mother who starts their morning by making tasty and healthy food for us, day after day, for about 17+ years. Hats Off To You Mom!!!

Having lunch during recess time was a normal trend but if we break all the rules and try to maintain the decorum of having at least one bite of our lunch box during lecture time that gives us a pleasant feeling.
I would like to highlight the person who took the maximum benefit among all – Back Benchers!

Lunchtime “Tiffin time” also teaches us a valuable life lesson – The joy of sharing which make us a better human being.

Let’s compare the old days with current IT days – Today we also carry our lunch box but that doesn’t give us that feeling. We eat at our desk; sometime alone or sometime in a group – Just to calm down our hungry stomach… nothing else.

Recently QA team has come with an idea of having lunch together in office. To progress on this idea – Varsha has sent a voting email about Friday Team Lunch and most of the responses were YES because people were in assumption that she is giving us a treat. Later, it turned as T.T.M.M. We requested all not to carry your lunch box on Friday because we would be having a “Common Food

Next challenging task was to decide the Common Food for all. Neha has made everyone’s task easier. She took the snapshot of menu one day prior so that we should decide the items properly and finalize it. The items which were finalized for all – As usual Corporate Panner, Jira Link (Jeera) Rice, RAG Status Amber Fried Dal, Best Execution (Butter) Naan & Aloo (Mifid) Matar.  

On Friday, Neha has ordered the stuffs with agreed quantity and also informed all that our things would be in place by 12:30 PM IST. Team started in and went through their basic email check & today’s task.

At 12:30 -12:45 PM IST; we started moving towards canteen where few volunteers have blocked the entire row for 29 people. We had a tasty food together with joy of sharing the plates & foods – Reminded me the old days of our school life. One thing I would like to mention here – During the lunch, not a single person talked about their project and all. Well we all are part of a family now so would like to quote here:

Families that eat together, stay together!!

Post lunch, we had Malai Kulfi, Lime Water & Butter Milk – That added sweet taste at the end & support digestion :)

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Koraigad Fort - Trekking

Last weekend dated. 08th July 2017, QA team did an adventurous trip that was – Koraigad Fort Trekking. Trekking is not only testing your physical strength, but mental also which determines how far you can go.

About Koraigad – It is a hill fort located in Western Ghats of Maharashtra; about 20 km (12 mi) south of Lonavla in Pune district, M.H. This fort was forcibly taken over into his kingdom by Shivaji along with the forts of Lohagad, Visapur, Tung and Tikona. The date of construction of this fort is unknown, but likely predates 1500. It is about 923 m above sea level; mostly destroyed, but few things are still remain e.g. entrance door, boundary wall, few checkpoints and temple (renovated). It has a great flattened surface at the top, two pond separated with a passage and interesting part is that – One side; cool water and another side little bit warm.

Let me pen down the journey of our trekking with great quote:

Nature is not a place to visit. It is home” - Gary Snyder

Planning: A few months ago; we had a team meeting with Sudhir where team member has raised a point about team building exercise; and a platform where interaction between both locations team would happen. He suggested - Why not we should have a team outing and also mentioned that it would be possible only when we have maximum participation.

To continue this thread; Sachin initiated a chapter on Jive dated.24th May 2017 with suspense banner – “Team Outing - Watch This Space - Coming Soon”.  To get the interest of the people about team outing; Ritu has initiated polling in Jive on 7th June 2017 with two images:

·         People hiking the mountain resembling Mt.Everest Trek – Labeled : Trekking
·         Descent chain of bungalows – Labeled : Resort

I left my comment – If we are going to trek Mt. Everest then I am in. However millionaire question – Who is going to sponsor me for Mt. Everest? - client or firm then all of sudden – Abhishek came in picture and taken an initiative that he would be sponsoring all of them.

Out of 64 people – 36 has voted where 24 for Trekking (67%) and 12 for Resort (33%). There is a simple thumb rule – Majority Always Wins in case of organizing any event.

After multiple internal discussion b/w team member & organizing team – Final date for the event has been locked – 08th July 2017: Koraigad Trekking. Interested people started contributing their fund to organizing team (Neha & Ritu). Initially the mode of transportation to visit this place was planned by Cars to avoid the Lonavla Weekend traffic congestion, but later after having To-and-Fro calls/emails - It was extended and Phase 3 team got – Mini Traveler (17 seaters).

Organizing team has sent a reminder note day before this event – What are things to carry and follow so that in case of any minor emergency – Things would be handy with us and quick action will be taken.

Phase 3 team has created an internal Whatsapp group after meeting in order to communicate on real time and also manage the pick-up of the team members properly. Well, this was the first team event where people from both locations were curious to join and wanted to make this event memorable.

We all, planned to start the journey for Lonavla by 6:30 am early morning so that we can start trekking by 9:00 AM from Koraigad Base. Everything was set; People were in impression that Sudhir and Neha (Client) were also joining us but…

Execution: Without hiccups; things never go smooth. These hiccups always provide us an opportunity to make the decision at run time.  Received the updates of not coming people on Friday late evening and re-structured one pick-up point.

08th July 2017, Saturday – Received first ping from Girish at around 4:40 am and then Sachin joined us. In the meantime others should start showing their presence in group – I mentioned that Bridge is open for transformation call and we should start with Automation first. Manju replied “Ha Ha Sure, all the best and have a safe journey”. Gauri was first person who started her journey very early at around 5:00 am; she left her home and reached to Chandani Chowk at around 5:15 am and waiting for Puru to come by traveler to pick up her. We have planned the routes – How the pick-up would be done and same communicated to all but eleventh hour defect has diverted the things -Tyre of the mini traveler got busted. 

Received the call from Puru and informed others about this; also to avoid the delay in our plan – We suggested all the remaining Phase 3 associates to report at Wakad directly prior to 6:30 am. Girish, Sachin and Gaurav – picked up the associates from Yerwada locations by their car and reached Wakad at around 6:45 am.

Journey kicked-off at round 7:00 am after chanting the name of Ganesh and reached Lonavla at around 8:00 am then connected with local people to get the clear route for Koraigad base point. During travelling time – Ritu was one of the most active users on Whatsapp group and updating us from time to time. We (Phase 3 associates) reached base of Koraigad fort at around 8:30 am and waiting for Girish, Sachin and Gaurav. Meanwhile team was very hungry so they did little bit breakfast – Poha and Chai. Team member who were coming with Sachin, Girish & Gaurav halted nearby waterfall and posted their presence on Whatsapp group.

At sharp 9:00 am, we were supposed to start trekking, but not kicked off so I dropped a note on group to know where they are. As soon message posted, Sachin’s car touched the base. Timing was exact 9:00. Sachin’s driving skill could beat NFS guys, I would say.

Few associates from Yerwada Office joined us, but still Gaurav and Girish were missing. To use the time; we took road-side photos and great conversation with local Sher “Man’s Best Friend – Dog”. Girish & Gaurav reached at around 9:30 am.

At 9:45 am – We started trekking from base where Sachin & Girish were our mentor because they visited this place already. Path was too good – both side covered with trees and giving an impression that we were going to fort via jungle.

Many clicks happened in b/w and mostly taken by our QA alumni (Ankur and Sharath). Things were smooth when we were moving via Kachcha Rasta; as soon we touched the first stair which would lead all of us to fort that moment was really heart breaking. Stairs were too steep and were around 600+. We halted so many places and took snaps in between and some great conversation:

·         Ankur’s expert comment – Kaisi Lag Rahi Hun, Ek Dum Anaar Jaisa.
·         For Neha (S&M) – Wherever we saw small waterfall then #waterfall, #Neha.
·         For Gaurav – People’s thought: All important events during the trekking would be surely converted into hashtag for Jive by him.
·         For Heeralal – Kuch Energy Drink Hota to Safar Aur Acha Kat Ta.

After one hour of climbing – We touched the Ganesh Dwar that was the entrance gate of the fort. Fort looks good; everywhere we could see greenery which was giving a pleasant atmosphere to relax. Fort has a great flattened surface covered with green grass at the top, two ponds separated with a passage and interesting part is that – One side; cool water and another side little bit warm.

We halted between two pond and relaxing there. Scenery was too good: Both side pond, swift moving clouds, green grass and pleasant air. Everybody wanted to enjoy in the pond, but Avinash was the first person who took the initiative. Followed by him – We all jumped in even though water was cool, little bit dirty and had so many stones in the base.

Everyone’s tried their technique and enjoyed a lot. I also took one session on Automation and it went well. People grasped it immediately and started applying on others. Sachin forced others e.g. Abhishek, Ritu and Others to join us and learn some automation. Around 30-35 minutes we were in pond and enjoyed to the fullest level.

After that we decided to have some lunch, in best identified place where Girish & Sachin prepared delicious Bhel for all of us. After lunch – Started walking toward the direction of the flag which was hosted at highest peak and had some photo-shoot there. Touching that flag and posing for photo-shoot would give you the feeling that you have accomplished your mission.

We spend good time together there and Girish had sung a song for us where multiple chorus (in funny ways) added by team for Bhagyashree. Then decided to move toward our last leg of the journey, but team was hungry so halted near the entrance door where local shopkeepers were selling Kanda-Bhajiya, Maggi and Tea. We had ordered – Maggi and which was greatly served by Girish.

While descending, Weather wanted our group to stay more on the top. Therefore it started changing their mood – Rainfall started. When we were at top then weather was in our favor – Sometime it was too sunny, cloudy, foggy and slight drizzling. We took multiple halts in between and putting our feet carefully to avoid fall. Some people got the opportunity to use the branded – 400 RS umbrella and Rain Coat (Boom Boom Robo Da)

Total time which we spent above was around 2.5 hours but it would be memorable forever for all of us, I would add.

Here are the memories of our trek (arranged sequentially):

Title: Koraigad Fort Trekking Memories
Date: 08th July 2017

Thanks to all of you for making this trekking successful and wishing many more to come.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

QA PotLuck

The genesis of term “Potluck” was included by Thomas Nashe in 16th century, and used to mean “food provided for an unexpected or uninvited guest, the luck of the pot”. It’s quite common now in IT and other space to organize this as an event. The main purpose behind potluck is a kind of gathering where each member contributes a different and unique dish of food either made by him or someone often homemade, to be shared.

Laurie Colwin quoted a nice phrase:

“ The sharing of food is the basis of social life.”

We people are social from the day when we joined the school; let’s recall the moment of your childhood and ask this question – Have we heard about this word “Potluck” during our early age time? Answer would be definitely “No” but still we people were sharing our tiffin’s every day with each other during recesses. We don’t eat without our friends; and sometime we eat during class time – Those were the best days of our life & Maa K Haath Ka Khaane Ki Baat Hi Alag Hai.

We “MSIMQA” had organized this Potluck event at SP Location yesterday and went very well.
Let me pen down – Planning & Execution of this event:

Planning: Neha Jagtap has initiated a thread to get the vote of people for 29th May – Potluck and most of the responses were yes except few (“The Goa Planner” - It’s now a type of category where they make plan, but doesn’t work). Followed by votes a meeting arrange at Opal conference room which is next my cubical. Kick-Off session started with a pre-defined format for this event – Starter’s, Main Course and Desserts/Drinks. Likewise the way follows QA Culture – Requirement, Design, Execution and Reporting. People were assigned for each item what they have to bring. Prior to close the meeting – We requested to all – Not to bring the items in excessive quantity to avoid food wastage.

Execution: As usual this phase started with some delay where planned to start at 11:30 - 45 AM but shifted to 12:30 PM. Our MSIMQA Army started moving towards the venue (canteen) in order to block the tables and do some basic arrangements. Meanwhile a new guest member - Neha Golegaonkar has also joined us. Items on everyone’s plate were already served, only people have to jump in and start eating. We enjoyed the delicious food and all the items were very tasty. Really appreciate the efforts of beginner & expertise J

Here are the memories:

Title: MSIMQA Potluck

Thanks to all of you for making this event successful and hoping we will plan more in coming days as monsoon is coming soon. 

Monday, April 3, 2017

Team Lunch @ Ancient Hyderabad

 31st March 2017, everyone in India witnessed the closure of Fiscal Year 2016 and Monthly salary credited to bank account. Every time when we get salary then it adds happiness on our face; Happiness for new shopping, plan, investment etc. but only for few weeks after that, we know – Our conditions during last week of every month.

Leo Babauta said correctly –

The Life you have left is a gift. Cherish It. Enjoy it now, to the fullest. Do what matters now

MSIMQA team (Based at SP Location) followed this mantra and decided to let’s celebrate FY 2016 closure and Salary day with a team lunch around Sahydari Park. In my IT career, I have learned a basic thing – Work without celebration has no value. Therefore, I thought to organize a team lunch in collaboration with all the team members who were working hard in their projects so that we together create a “Chilled Environment” where we can only see the track of enjoyment and no official task or talk for few hours.

Prior to 31st March 2017, hardly 15-30 minutes planning we did in a closed room and discussed all the scenarios and locked the decision to go – Ancient Hyderabad, Hinjewadi Phase 3 for Biryani. This place was new for all of us so nobody was aware about the taste, ambience and all. The majority of the people agreed to take a risk (Here comes the example of Risk Capital Market) – “High levels of uncertainty (high risk) are associated with high potential returns”.

Shubham & I reached the destination point earlier at around 11:50 AM in order to secure the space for MSIMQA team and informed team to start the journey after 12:15 PM. At 12:30 PM, all the people reached at Ancient Hyderabad. Outside temperature was 39-41 Degree Celsius and Inner ambience was covered with darkness and coolers were installed to neutralize the heat & provide the cool atmosphere.

It was one of the Hyderabadi Restaurant so before proceeding – Would like to bring you attention on few words which were framed and hooked on the walls:

1). The most important word is BAIGAN which is commonly used in Hyderabad


2). Another set of words which would help you in future if you have any plan to visit that place.


Divided by Silos, but United by MSIMQA – We all know, but on table team members were divided based on Veg and Non-VegJ. Our total strength was 23 where 8 non-veg and 15 veg (few opted to have veg because of Chaitra Navratri). Without wasting more time, team started giving the orders – Starters, Non-Veg/Veg Biryani along with Cool Drink and Lassi.

Meanwhile our meal was getting ready; we played a surprise games, e.g. Tongue Twister, Singing and Acting. Below were the candidates who became victim of these games:

Tongue Twister – Girl
She sells seashells by the seashore
Sang very well
Tongue Twister - Boy
Bobby Blue blows big blue bubbles
Didn’t perform because of time constraint

Food arrived; we started our meal and enjoyed the tasty biryani & foods by passing the bucket from one to another. At 1:30 PM, we finished our meal and directed to report to office. Prior to start the return journey – We had team wise photo session and group one (at hot stairs).

Memories captured @ Ancient Hyderabad:

Title: MSIMQA TCS SP -Team Lunch @ Ancient Hyderabadd

Date: 31st March 2017

Place: Ancient Hyderabad, Hinjewadi
Youtube Link:

Thanks to all of you for your valuable time and joining hand together (using concept of TTMM) to make this event successful and remarkable.

Looking forward a grand one without TTMM in collaboration with entinre MSIMQA (SP & CZ).