Tuesday, May 30, 2017


The genesis of term “Potluck” was included by Thomas Nashe in 16th century, and used to mean “food provided for an unexpected or uninvited guest, the luck of the pot”. It’s quite common now in IT and other space to organize this as an event. The main purpose behind potluck is a kind of gathering where each member contributes a different and unique dish of food either made by him or someone often homemade, to be shared.

Laurie Colwin quoted a nice phrase:

“ The sharing of food is the basis of social life.”

We people are social from the day when we joined the school; let’s recall the moment of your childhood and ask this question – Have we heard about this word “Potluck” during our early age time? Answer would be definitely “No” but still we people were sharing our tiffin’s every day with each other during recesses. We don’t eat without our friends; and sometime we eat during class time – Those were the best days of our life & Maa K Haath Ka Khaane Ki Baat Hi Alag Hai.

We “MSIMQA” had organized this Potluck event at SP Location yesterday and went very well.
Let me pen down – Planning & Execution of this event:

Planning: Neha Jagtap has initiated a thread to get the vote of people for 29th May – Potluck and most of the responses were yes except few (“The Goa Planner” - It’s now a type of category where they make plan, but doesn’t work). Followed by votes a meeting arrange at Opal conference room which is next my cubical. Kick-Off session started with a pre-defined format for this event – Starter’s, Main Course and Desserts/Drinks. Likewise the way follows QA Culture – Requirement, Design, Execution and Reporting. People were assigned for each item what they have to bring. Prior to close the meeting – We requested to all – Not to bring the items in excessive quantity to avoid food wastage.

Execution: As usual this phase started with some delay where planned to start at 11:30 - 45 AM but shifted to 12:30 PM. Our MSIMQA Army started moving towards the venue (canteen) in order to block the tables and do some basic arrangements. Meanwhile a new guest member - Neha Golegaonkar has also joined us. Items on everyone’s plate were already served, only people have to jump in and start eating. We enjoyed the delicious food and all the items were very tasty. Really appreciate the efforts of beginner & expertise J

Here are the memories:

Title: MSIMQA Potluck

Thanks to all of you for making this event successful and hoping we will plan more in coming days as monsoon is coming soon. 

Monday, April 3, 2017

Team Lunch @ Ancient Hyderabad

 31st March 2017, everyone in India witnessed the closure of Fiscal Year 2016 and Monthly salary credited to bank account. Every time when we get salary then it adds happiness on our face; Happiness for new shopping, plan, investment etc. but only for few weeks after that, we know – Our conditions during last week of every month.

Leo Babauta said correctly –

The Life you have left is a gift. Cherish It. Enjoy it now, to the fullest. Do what matters now

MSIMQA team (Based at SP Location) followed this mantra and decided to let’s celebrate FY 2016 closure and Salary day with a team lunch around Sahydari Park. In my IT career, I have learned a basic thing – Work without celebration has no value. Therefore, I thought to organize a team lunch in collaboration with all the team members who were working hard in their projects so that we together create a “Chilled Environment” where we can only see the track of enjoyment and no official task or talk for few hours.

Prior to 31st March 2017, hardly 15-30 minutes planning we did in a closed room and discussed all the scenarios and locked the decision to go – Ancient Hyderabad, Hinjewadi Phase 3 for Biryani. This place was new for all of us so nobody was aware about the taste, ambience and all. The majority of the people agreed to take a risk (Here comes the example of Risk Capital Market) – “High levels of uncertainty (high risk) are associated with high potential returns”.

Shubham & I reached the destination point earlier at around 11:50 AM in order to secure the space for MSIMQA team and informed team to start the journey after 12:15 PM. At 12:30 PM, all the people reached at Ancient Hyderabad. Outside temperature was 39-41 Degree Celsius and Inner ambience was covered with darkness and coolers were installed to neutralize the heat & provide the cool atmosphere.

It was one of the Hyderabadi Restaurant so before proceeding – Would like to bring you attention on few words which were framed and hooked on the walls:

1). The most important word is BAIGAN which is commonly used in Hyderabad


2). Another set of words which would help you in future if you have any plan to visit that place.


Divided by Silos, but United by MSIMQA – We all know, but on table team members were divided based on Veg and Non-VegJ. Our total strength was 23 where 8 non-veg and 15 veg (few opted to have veg because of Chaitra Navratri). Without wasting more time, team started giving the orders – Starters, Non-Veg/Veg Biryani along with Cool Drink and Lassi.

Meanwhile our meal was getting ready; we played a surprise games, e.g. Tongue Twister, Singing and Acting. Below were the candidates who became victim of these games:

Tongue Twister – Girl
She sells seashells by the seashore
Sang very well
Tongue Twister - Boy
Bobby Blue blows big blue bubbles
Didn’t perform because of time constraint

Food arrived; we started our meal and enjoyed the tasty biryani & foods by passing the bucket from one to another. At 1:30 PM, we finished our meal and directed to report to office. Prior to start the return journey – We had team wise photo session and group one (at hot stairs).

Memories captured @ Ancient Hyderabad:

Title: MSIMQA TCS SP -Team Lunch @ Ancient Hyderabadd

Date: 31st March 2017

Place: Ancient Hyderabad, Hinjewadi
Youtube Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7IBW8AYFnvo

Thanks to all of you for your valuable time and joining hand together (using concept of TTMM) to make this event successful and remarkable.

Looking forward a grand one without TTMM in collaboration with entinre MSIMQA (SP & CZ).

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Hum Mashruf They Purane Lamho Ko Samaytne Me..

*Hum Mashruf They Purane Lamho Ko Samaytne Me.. 
Samay Kahan se Kahan Nikal Gaya..

Pehle Dastak Deti Thi Doston Ki Awaaze Chowkhat Pe..
Ab To Wo Silsila Hi Tham Gaya..
Beet Jata Tha Kai Pehar Doston K Sang, Sunne or Sunane Me..
Ab Sannata Sa Rahta Hain Galiyon Ki Chowrahe Me..

*Hum Mashruf They Purane Lamho Ko Samaytne Me..
Samay Kahan se Kahan Nikal Gaya..

Milta Tha Swad Or Sukun Parivar K Sang Roti Khaane me..
Ab To Beychan Rahte Hain Tapri, Hotel Or Chat Ki Dukano Me..
Milti Thi Khusiyan Parivar Sang Tyohar Mannane Me..
Ab To Arsha Beet Jaata Hain Ghar Wapas Laut K Jaane Me..

*Hum Mashruf They Purane Lamho Ko Samaytne Me..
Samay Kahan se Kahan Nikal Gaya..

Ankahi Baatein Bayan Karti Thi Jab Aata Tha Khat Koi..
Ab To Whatsapp Ki Baaton Ne Palat Diya Sab..
Palat Tay Thay Purane Album To Aati Thi Muskurat Chehre Pe..
Yeh Khusiyan Facebook K Like Tak Seemat Gayi Aab..

*Hum Mashruf They Purane Lamho Ko Samaytne Me..
Samay Kahan se Kahan Nikal Gaya..

Ek Samay Tha Jab Choti Si Safalta Pe Milti Thi Khusiyan Kai..
Aaj Safalta Paane Par Bhi, Anginat Lalach Ne Jagah Li..
Waqt Tha Jab Padh Lete They Pustak K Panne Kai..
Aaj 2 Panne Scroll Kar K Padhne Me Beet Jaate Hain Din Kai..

*Hum Mashruf They Purane Lamho Ko Samaytne Me..
Samay Kahan se Kahan Nikal Gaya..

~~~ For Hindi Readers !!

*हम मशरूफ थे पुराने लम्हो को समेटने में…… समय कहाँ से कहाँ निकल गया…..
पहले दस्तक देती थी दोस्तों की आवाज़े चौखट पे…..
अब तो वो सिलसिला ही थम गया…..
बीत जाता था कई पहर दोस्तों के संग, सुनने और सुनाने में…..
अब सन्नाटा सा रहता हैं गलियों की चौराहे में….

*हम मशरूफ थे पुराने लम्हो को समेटने में…… समय कहाँ से कहाँ निकल गया…..
मिलता था स्वाद और सुकून परिवार के संग रोटी खाने में…..
अब तो बेचैन रहते हैं टापरी, होटल और चाट की दुकानों में..
मिलती थी खुशियां परिवार संग त्यौहार मनाने में….
अब तो अर्श बीत जाता हैं घर वापस लौट के जाने में….

*हम मशरूफ थे पुराने लम्हो को समेटने में…… समय कहाँ से कहाँ निकल गया…..
अनकही बातें बयां करती थी जब आता था खत कोई …
अब तो व्हाट्सएप्प की बातों ने पलट दिया सब...
पलट तये थे पुराने एल्बम तो आती थी मुस्कुरात चेहरे पे …
यह खुशियां फेसबुक के लिखे तक सीमट गयी आब …

*हम मशरूफ थे पुराने लम्हो को समेटने में…… समय कहाँ से कहाँ निकल गया…..
एक समय था जब छोटी सी सफलता पे मिलती थी खुशियां कई …
आज सफलता पाने पर भी, अनगिनत लालच ने जगह ली ...
वक़्त था जब पढ़ लेते थे पुस्तक के पन्ने कई ..
आज २ पन्ने स्क्रॉल कर के पढ़ने में बीत जाते हैं दिन कई …

*हम मशरूफ थे पुराने लम्हो को समेटने में…… समय कहाँ से कहाँ निकल गया…..