Tuesday, May 30, 2017

QA PotLuck

The genesis of term “Potluck” was included by Thomas Nashe in 16th century, and used to mean “food provided for an unexpected or uninvited guest, the luck of the pot”. It’s quite common now in IT and other space to organize this as an event. The main purpose behind potluck is a kind of gathering where each member contributes a different and unique dish of food either made by him or someone often homemade, to be shared.

Laurie Colwin quoted a nice phrase:

“ The sharing of food is the basis of social life.”

We people are social from the day when we joined the school; let’s recall the moment of your childhood and ask this question – Have we heard about this word “Potluck” during our early age time? Answer would be definitely “No” but still we people were sharing our tiffin’s every day with each other during recesses. We don’t eat without our friends; and sometime we eat during class time – Those were the best days of our life & Maa K Haath Ka Khaane Ki Baat Hi Alag Hai.

We “MSIMQA” had organized this Potluck event at SP Location yesterday and went very well.
Let me pen down – Planning & Execution of this event:

Planning: Neha Jagtap has initiated a thread to get the vote of people for 29th May – Potluck and most of the responses were yes except few (“The Goa Planner” - It’s now a type of category where they make plan, but doesn’t work). Followed by votes a meeting arrange at Opal conference room which is next my cubical. Kick-Off session started with a pre-defined format for this event – Starter’s, Main Course and Desserts/Drinks. Likewise the way follows QA Culture – Requirement, Design, Execution and Reporting. People were assigned for each item what they have to bring. Prior to close the meeting – We requested to all – Not to bring the items in excessive quantity to avoid food wastage.

Execution: As usual this phase started with some delay where planned to start at 11:30 - 45 AM but shifted to 12:30 PM. Our MSIMQA Army started moving towards the venue (canteen) in order to block the tables and do some basic arrangements. Meanwhile a new guest member - Neha Golegaonkar has also joined us. Items on everyone’s plate were already served, only people have to jump in and start eating. We enjoyed the delicious food and all the items were very tasty. Really appreciate the efforts of beginner & expertise J

Here are the memories:

Title: MSIMQA Potluck

Thanks to all of you for making this event successful and hoping we will plan more in coming days as monsoon is coming soon. 

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