Sunday, May 8, 2016

Maa : My God !!!

Mother’s Day (Hindi: Maa Divas) is one of the special; among all other days of my life including my birthday, first job etc. Long time ago someone asked me few questions on the same day that was “Define Maa and her importance in your life”. At that time my response was “Maa is my god and her value in my life is endless

If this question would ask during my engineering time, then I am confident that for us 32 pages answer sheet won’t be enough to answer this single question and we all will be passed in single attempt without any study (BTW “Shivani” Bhi Hum Engineer’s Ki Dushri Maa Jaise Hi Hain, Jishne Engineering me Humara Khayal Rakha :D – This context is applicable for all the engineers who have done his/her engineering from RGPV University)

During the course of my life I have come across with many people and also captured their thoughts on this space, honestly speaking that is “Mind Blowing”.

We people are sharing a very good space with our mother and bonded together, which is unbreakable. If anyone would ask you “Whose voice is best; you have ever heard” (Don’t give an initial thought of your girl/boyfriend, wife/husband etc.) because no voice is better than your mother’s voice. There is a fact behind that:

Prior to landing in this world, a baby develops the capability to recognize the voice of his/her mother. That’s why after taking birth; he/she starts responding to their mother’s voice because they are already familiar of that pleasant touch and voice

Now I would to like share a real fact in conjunction with my short fiction story on this special day, so let’s begin:

Once upon a time there was a farmer in a small village around the city - Varanasi {Old name: Banaras}. He was working hard in his ancestor’s field with his wife and trying to manage home with limited money whatever they earned. In his family there were 3 members including him - “Shanti” (his daughter – 14 years old) and “Prabha” (his wife).

Shanti was very beautiful and sharp girl. She wanted to study in a good school, but very well aware about the financial condition of her family. Therefore she never demanded anything from her parents. She continued her schooling beneath the tree.  She was good in Sanskrit, Hindi and Mathematics (Hindi: Ganit) and always scored good marks on these subjects. She knew cooking, gardening, agricultural things and always helping her mother at her home.

One day when farmer went to town to sell his vegetables then coincidentally he came across with a Pandit who was searching a bride for a young boy. He inquired little bit more about that boy, his family. Pandit had shared the detailed input – (Young boy “Pramod” 20 years old, lost his parents 2 years ago, having 2-3 fields for agriculture and also a farmer). Farmer had requested to Pandit to initiate the talk for his daughter’s marriage with Pramod. Pandit initiated the tread; both families accepted it and Shanti & Pramod tied in a single knot.

Newly married couple started their new phase of life happily and see sight they completed their first anniversary. One day when Pramod returned home from field and he didn’t find Shanti anywhere. He checked with his neighbor and nearby people, but no information received. Later sometime he saw that Shanti was coming with “AmaaJi”. AmaaJi was a well-known Vadhiya (Ayurvedic Doctor) at his village. Pramod was little bit angry, but his angriness turned into happiness when he heard good news from Shanti that was “They would become parents in some months”.   

Pramod was very excited to welcome his new baby so whenever he got the opportunity to visit “Varanasi” then he bought the toys. Shanti’s parents were eager to meet her daughter and her mother planned to stay with her daughter for some months so that she will get rest from her daily tasks during that period. Weekend came, Pramod travelled to Shanti’s home which was situated opposite side of the river Ganga (and the normal mode of communication was only boat to reach that place).

Shanti’s parents welcomed Pramod and packed their bags with load of fruits, sweets and small clothes which Prabha had made for her grandson. While returning a cyclone came & boat sank.  All the passengers lost their life.

This heartbreak moment had changed everything; Shanti had lost her parents & husband. She didn’t want to live after that and decided to end her life, but AmaaJi supported and explained “Ending your life would be easy step for you, but think about the unborn baby who had never seen the world yet and also last sign of Pramod”. Shanti controlled herself and decided to continue her life just for her baby.

She sold her father’s property and decided to use that money for a year. One day she got pain and informed AmaaJi. AmaaJi came with some other ladies and supported her at her tough time. Later evening her house was started echoing with cry sound of a baby boy “Kailash”. Shanti lost everything at her early age and knew that coming time & life would be rigid. She decided to resume the agriculture work of her husband after 6 months because that was the only source to generate the money and feed the family.

Every day she used to go to field with Kailash and put him in temporary Jhula [English: Swing] beneath the tree (handmade Jhula which normally villager’s prepared using their saree) and continue her agriculture work. Few years had flown by following the same routine and on another side “Kailash” was also growing rapidly. See sight Kailash turned 5 and started going school in his village. He was cute and sharp boy; easily grasp the things.

As soon he developed the capability to understand the world & circumstances then he realized that his mother had done lot of sacrifices, faced tough time and worked hard for him and survival. He wanted to support his mother at agriculture work, but Shanti didn’t allow him. Shanti wanted her son to focus on his education only and fulfill the dream of his father. For higher education, she shifted Kailash to Varanasi so that he would get better quality of education and independent life to handle the day to day circumstance. Shanti sold two agriculture fields of her husband for her son’s education.

Kailash prepared his mindset to do something bigger for his mother and started working day & night to achieve the goal. He used to write a letter every day to his mother and on another side Shanti became happy after reading the letter. In case postman forgot to deliver the letter at her home, then she reached to post office in order to collect it.

Kailash completed his schooling with flying colors and got selected in B.H.U University for graduation. See sight 4 years completed, he got placed in one of the company. Not a single day, he missed to write a letter to his mother during his graduation & schooling time. Prior to joining the company he planned to visit his hometown after 6 years. He visited his hometown instead of going home; he directly reached to field where his mother used to work. He saw his mother working on the field under the extreme sunlight; tears automatically started coming out from his eyes.

His surprise visit added more happiness and smile on his mother’s face. He stayed there 1 week and supported his mother on agriculture work. He requested his mother to sell everything and shift to new place where he got the joining. Shanti replied “This place is not a normal; your father had spent his entire life here and built this.” She blessed her son for his future life and asked him to write a letter every day.

Kailash joined the new firm and gained the confidence of his management. All the people in his firm were very impressed with Kailash’s nature; work, Out of box thinking and dedication. He got the opportunity to go onshore for 2 years for project purpose and worked very well there. Every day he used to call to his mother at post office on fixed time frame. After completing his tenure there, he returned and planned to take 2 months LOP in order to do some pending task at his home.

He visited his birthplace and used that money which he earned at onshore in order to build a temple and small permanent house for her mother. After completion of temple and house; he arranged inauguration function where he invited all the villagers. People gathered for this function and appreciated for everything which he did for village and his mother. He delivered the speech where he emphasized the importance of his mother in his life and struggle/sacrifices which she did for him. But before closing the speech he did one mistake; because of this “Bhagwan Khud Sharam Se Uski Maa K Saamne Jhuk Gaye” [God himself succumbed to shame in the front of Shanti]. At the same time, temple started leaning and tilted to one side.

His last word: My mother has done a lot of sacrifices & struggles for me which I have seen since childhood. Therefore I have constructed this temple to repay everything whatever she did for me.

I have tried to connect the above story with a fact that I have heard since childhood from my ancestor’s and others about Maatri Mandir (Temple of the Mother) also called as Kashi Karvat Temple on Scindia Ghat. “Old man saying that there was a man who constructed this temple and told her mother that by this way he paid everything whatever  she did for him, at the same time temple started leaning and titled to one side”

Moral: "No one can ever repay the debt of his/her mother’s milk".

Message to All:

We people are busy in our own schedule; sometimes not having time for our friends, relatives, family etc. But think about the person who is waiting at home just to listen your voice so please add “Make a Call to your mother or father” in your “Every Day To-Do List”. If someone asked me “Have you seen God? Then answer would be always Yes, My mother is my god.

Thanks to all of you for reading this space and please leave one of your memorable moment which you have spent with you mother in below comment section.