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Old Is Gold ( 31st Aug 2009 )

Old Is Gold: Time flies so fast; today, 7 years ago we all strangers together put our first step to start the career with zeal and curiosity to see the WORLD of IT & now we know what it is. Hope you all are doing good and sailing your boat smoothly at extreme waves. Someone said appropriately that “Time Flies, But Memories Last Forever”; Memories of our CTS training days were really awesome and still alive on our mind. Just we need to recap I am damn sure that it will add smile on your face.

Let’s me force my mind and recall the old memories which we spent together; I am penning down some moments:

 31st August 2009, we came from different cities, states and landed at CTS - IDB Hall, Hinjewadi Phase 1 for joining formality. People were arriving and taking the seats – Leaving the first row empty as usual “Indian Tradition... Lol”. HR. Abraham noticed the odd man out logic where girls took the position on right side and boys on left side. She started giggling and requested to mix up so that she could brainwash our old mindset (Since childhood, we have been opting the same logic & sitting: Girl – Girl & Boy-Boy orders). Induction of firm started, around 30-45 min later one person entered in the IDB hall and took last seat that was Anand. On the special request of HR, he came forward and opted to sit just behind our seat. Whole day we spent by signing the documents, team-building activities and at last closed the day with Group photo.

Next day, we reported CTS academy center (beside to Symbiosis) for 3 months Training Program. Few were disappointed because on Day 1 we got to know that entire batch was for Testing but few were happy because they wanted to explore it. If I am not wrong then we have been asked to sit at Room No. 104 (right hand side from lift).

Testing training started, Individual introduction completed and CR Finalized for our training batch that was Anup “The CR”. Slowly-Slowly we people started interacting with each other and exchanging our information. Training room was awesome: Munna Bhai MBBS type seat arranged, Low lights, Comfortable chairs and Pleasant AC – Providing a pleasant atmosphere to sleep during the lecture. We were three musketeers from same college (Asif, Abhishek and I), so very well aware about each other. We started interacting with others and in couple of weeks a great bonding developed between all of us.

In training room, we followed the same decorum which we learnt since childhood, Boy-Boy & Girl-Girl even though facilitator and HR tried a lot to break this. We used to sit at (first column-prior to last few rows) on left hand side if you enter from the door where usual we keep projector. I was sitting with Amit, behind me Asif, Behind Asif – Anand & Rahul, In the front of me – Sachin, Bhavin and on right hand side – Ninand, Prashant, Abhishek and many more. Some philosopher “Rakesh” was also there but they were sitting on the first column on right hand side. CR was very attentive person so he used to sit in the front row. Prasad, Shesadari on the last row. In our batch – We had “Sweekar” good investor, who used to do trading during lecture time; if I am not wrong then he had also invested good wealth in Satyam Share J. All girls are pretty but chronological order from top to medium; Top one were sitting first column, first desk (just next to entrance door) and In the front of Sachin’s desk. [Guys, not specifying name here beyond my protocol, force your mind to recap those days]. Some girls who used to do lot of chit-chat or some who wanted to remain silent were occupying the second row or third row. [~ Hope you guys have remembered your seat location as of now ~]

Moving to the next segment; along with study – we did lot of fun as well. We were the first batch who organized Team Outing to Alibaug within a month of joining. That trip was awesome and would be remarkable forever. Also went for Valley crossing.

Some exclusive memories captured during training period:
  • Amit was holding “Bhandar” of latest dumps which he used to showcase us and most enthusiastic person “Shrikant” during the spare time.
  •  Rahul & Anand – They had arranged system/application/folder icons on their desktop in such a way which normal person couldn’t imagine. They used to sleep most of time during lecture and taking the advantage of last desk.
  •  Dovetail 2 Exam was tough for all but night-mare for two associates but at last – they cleared it with good marks. We opted “Munna Bhai Style” where they plugged wireless earphone – Started sharing their questions & we were answering from Canteen. I do remember the name of all who joined me for this.
  • How can we forget “Kaluram”, he supported us a lot. During last paper when I got to know that Navdeep scored 100/100 then I requested her to help me on few objective questions (86% I was done but still Yeh Dil Mange More) but Kaluram all of sudden came at my desk as a hurdle. I hugged him tightly and requested Navdeep to check my pending questions and submit the correct – We managed to hold him for 1 min and submitted the answer and got 96%. After that I said sorry to Kaluram and he replied “Don’t do this next time”.
  • Some famous dialogue of movies which were whispered a lot during the training time – “Lala Mere Maa K Khangan Wapas Kar De”, “Paro ne kaha sharab chhod do” [ Kuch Kuch Yaad Aaya Bhai Log]
  • We had some stunt man as well e.g. Bhavin, Ninand - who did some magical stunt on Bhavin’s bike during Lonavala visit, Bus Bike Ki Back Light Tut Gayi Baki Kuch Nhi Huya :)

Few girls we had “Shilpi S” and “Juhi” – What a fluent speaker they were, we were thinking: Why they joined IT, ideally they should apply for News Anchoring Job.

There are lots of memories which we spent together but not captured above because of the limited space or time but I have prepared a video & uploaded in YouTube which will help you to recall those days.

Those days were best days of our life, here we go:

Title: Old Is Gold (31st Aug 2009 )

Thanks to Megha, Jyoti, Shilpi C, Lakshmi, Priyanka, Shital, Vrushali, Snehal, Rajashree, Asif, Abhishek, Anup, Akshay, Parminder, Sandeep, Sanjeeb, Rohit, Sachin, Rahul, Sheshadri, Prasad, Rakesh, Shrikant, Priyanka, Amol, Amit, Shrikant, Ninad, Prachi, Prashant, Sweekar, Juhi, Vishal, Shilpi S, Sahil, Navdeep, Ankit, Yogita, Nandini, Prajakta, Rupali, Bhavin, Sourabh, Anand

Guys, Our Batch Strength were around 44 and I still remember the name of each. 

Be happy wherever you are but always stay connected.

If you like this video then please leaves your comments below with some memories of our training days.


Anup said... [Reply to comment]

Liked the blog so much and also the video is awesome!
Thanks for putting all this together.

Navdeep kaur said... [Reply to comment]

Very well written blog. The way u arranged different flowers (different moments) in the basket is just incredible. Kudos on remembering everyone's name �� you can't imagine how much joy it feels after reading your article.

Ankit said... [Reply to comment]

@Navdeep kaur Thanks Navdeep & Anup

ninad dande said... [Reply to comment]

Bhai tussi great ho. Awesome flashback. U made me remind everything. Nice to go through this.

rakesh jugdhar said... [Reply to comment]

Beautifully Written, Reading this was extremely joyful. Nothing like old days. You made my day...dude.

Nandini Naik said... [Reply to comment]

Very nice post Ankit. As I was reading, it reminded me of all beautiful memories we all shared together.

Vrushali said... [Reply to comment]

True,very well written. While reading, I actually lost in those 3 months... I wish we all could become freshers again...

Vrushali said... [Reply to comment]

True,very well written. While reading, I actually lost in those 3 months... I wish we all could become freshers again...

leang heng said... [Reply to comment]

Liked the blog so much and also the video is awesome!