Monday, August 15, 2016

MSIM QA : Independence Day Celebration

Independence Day (Hindi: स्वतंत्रता दिवस) – 15th August 1947, India got freedom from British Empire. Independence Day, One of the three national holidays which is very important for each Indian. Today we are celebrating our 70th Independence Day; so many things got changed in last 70 years and witnessed that our nation is moving toward new horizon after independence. Some major hurdles are still there, but I think it can be removed if any hard rules applied.

I do remember my childhood days, My friends & I were eagerly waiting for this day and going to school in white uniform to see flag hoisting ceremonies. Those days were best days of my life. Leaving bed at 6:00 AM and getting ready for school, at sharp 7:30 AM we had to report in our school. From PT to Parade, we had participated very well and enjoyed that day a lot.

Independence Day or Republic Day – At my home we made Jalebi, Paratha and Poha for breakfast and afternoon we were watching the repeat telecast of Prime Minister’s speech.

Kash WO Purane Din Wapas Aa Sakte”. This statement is a bitter truth and it wouldn’t come again, everyone knows very well. While doing IT Job, when our day starts and ends – Only God knows.

But this Independence day, I have decided to do something different and adopted a very unique format to celebrate with the team and hoping that it would become a history for others.

Let me share some background in short – From where this format came in picture. The people who are working with me in my cubical, with them I am sharing a good space and wanted that they should also enjoy their work along with some Masti. While doing work, sometime I sing a song to erase the work pressure so that harmony will be maintained. Few person has pointed that they are bearing my bad voice “Which indirectly hurts me L” but “Itna Bhi Bura NHI Gaata Hun Jitna WO Samjhte Hai”. After hearing/comparing my/their performance, I don’t think they would say this again.

Last week, We people were doing Masti in our cubical where one by one each member was singing few lines of any songs. We all did but one person was very rigid – She ignored our request straight forward. Then we decided that by the end of this week – It is mandate for all the people within our cubical (Equity area) has to sing a song. Out of 4, 3 agreed but again 4th one didn’t say anything.

Next day, AIP Lead was wandering around our Cubicle (Recently we renamed our seat location as Onsite -Mexico, UK, NY and Paris). Then, I shared this idea with her that we are planning to give “Desh Bhakti” singing performance in this Independence Day, so shall we extend this level to entire MSIM space. She said Yes, Good idea; drop a note to all.

Meeting request sent to all for next day: timing - 4:00 PM to 4:30 PM, after this email what I saw that people became more excited and started exploring “Desh Bhakti Songs” and started reserving their song that I would sing this song and that one. Top secret information – The person who ignored our request earlier, did some practice too later evening (after 7:30 PM).

12th August 2016, Performance Day, People gathered (Kuch Log KO to Gher Ghaar K Bhulaya Gaya) – At last all the people who were available in office on that day, had given their performances and for remaining one – I requested to share me on WhatsApp so that during weekend I would collate them and produce something creative.

Initially I targeted this for one people (consider this as part of professional ragging) but later it became an event where we enjoyed a lot and also some of them had overcome their stage fear & gained the confidence!!

Thanks to all of you for sharing your sweet voice & giving your valuable time to make this event successful.

Here we go:
TitleMSIM QA Team : Independence Day Celebration
Release Date: 15th August 2016

Capgemini MSIM QA team has celebrated India’s 70th Independence Day in a different style where people from all the geographical region have contributed a lot to make this event successful by sharing “Desh Bhakti” song recorded audio/video file in their own voice. These moments will be remarkable forever and definitely create a history

Jai Hind!! Vande Mataram !!
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Mayank said... [Reply to comment]

nice creation Ankit..thank to that person who got u this idea else will not able to here such sweet voices in the team.👍

Swati Verma said... [Reply to comment]

Nice idea Ankit...for celebrating Independence day in office...hope we do the same in coming years...Happy Independence Day to all!!

Swati Verma said... [Reply to comment]

Nice idea Ankit...for celebrating Independence day in office...hope we do the same in coming years...Happy Independence Day to all!!

Ankit Sahay said... [Reply to comment]

@Mayank-It was my idea which came on mind all of sudden. Initially I was targeting to Swati but, at the end it converted as an event for team.