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Sinhgad Fort - Trekking

Sinhgad Fort (The Lion’s fort, previously called as Kondhana): The Battle of Sinhgad took place at night between army head of ShivaJi (Tanaji) and Mughal Army head. Tanaji lost his life during the battle and his brother took over and captured Kondhana fort. After demise of Tanaji, ShivaJi expressed his remorse with this word “Although we captured the fort, but lost the lion”. Sinhgad fort is situated around 35+ KM from Pune and well connected by road till the top of fort (north-east: Pune Darwaza); we had another way/door to reach (south-east: Kalyan Darwaza) but it is not connected with any road, I think it is used for trekking. Team had visited this place, captured the beautiful view of Sinhgad fort and enjoyed throughout the journey.

Memories of Our Journey:

10th June 2016, Friday evening – A thread started on WhatsApp team-group to visit Sinhgad fort where 3 people had nodded to kick off this journey tomorrow morning but one person denied it because she was travelling to Mumbai. We three musketeers “Automation Tester, Jr.QA and I” did little bit planning about the timing, food stuff, meeting point, etc

On next morning, I left the bed early at 4:30 AM and did daily chores including Pooja Path; also prepared “Lemon Rice” for our breakfast/lunch. First time I tried lemon rice in my life, by referring the internet videos and “Apna Desi Tadka”. Honestly speaking it looks good both look wise and taste wise. Checked the status of other people on WhatsApp at around 8:00 AM but plan got delayed slightly because of our Jr. QAJ. They started their journey at around 8:35 AM from Pimple and decided to meet at Hotel Ambience but what I saw after some time they reached at my society. I packed my bag quickly and started our journey by scooty from Wakad Bridge to Chandani Chowk via Pune – Bengaluru Expressway. We were alien and traveling to this place first time even though it was very nearest place from Pune.

We took halt at Chandani Chowk and took advice from Local people about the fort, and they suggested following Kothrud – Sinhgad road would be good option. Kothrud Circle, we took right and firstly tried to reach first point that was “Khadakwasla Dam”. After checking with multiple people we got the correct direction to reach the dam. Someone said “Take left prior to the Dam” but we continued to follow the straight road. After travelling some distance we noticed that there was dead-end and not left-right turn. So we travelled back some distance and then saw one left turn – Which people had suggested to take but we missed it.

After following that route, riding our scooty parallel to Khadakwasla Dam road and covered long distance – We finally ended at remote area, where saw one sign-board “Way to go Sinhgad fort”. A small “Vaartalap” happened when Automation tester had turned her scooty in b/w road and on other side - A person was coming with loaded bag on his bike. Generally in such cases we should avoid more conversation with local people and proceed after ignoring the things (We did the same because have seen that it is tough to convence local people even though mistake is too small or not done by you)

 Path was too bad & no road, it seems we were riding our scooty in an abandon village. After covering some distance a person guided us to take left and it would connect to proper road. We followed and finally got the check point where took 2 tickets as Sinhgad fort entry fee (20 RS for Two Wheeler). Riding the scooty (blocking the road for others), enjoying the zigzag road, steep slope and greenery (It was second week of June and we were expecting that monsoon would be good because generally it came on the month of June in M.H) but this time monsoon came late.

We stopped our journey in b/w for 10 min and had Kanda-Bhajiya with sauce & some photo-shoot. Jr.QA decided to ride on the steep road now. We continued our journey and had taken some selfie while riding (#SelFie-Motion). At last we reached at the base of Sinhgad fort where we parked their vehicles and started climbing the stairs, after having one cold-drink bottle, Kheera and Mango Kairi.

As soon we entered in fort, noticed a beautiful view but for that we had to climb on the fort’s boundary wall. Jr.QA and I managed it but Automation tester was walking on that boundary wall like the way “Aamir Khan goes to save his friend Ajay Devgan Life on pipe” in movie ISHQ. After that we moved ahead, explored more things, did lot of photography, and had an American Corn.

After wandering 30-40 minutes here and there, we stopped beneath the tree in order to relax and take some food. We had Lemon Rice together (not a single bite was left), was enjoying the cool-cool air and greenery around us. Honestly speaking it is good place to spend your weekend (because close to Pune) and connected to nature which will give you relief from all the painJ.

We walked together and reached to the end of fort, did some creative photography in b/w and then moved toward Kalyan Darwaza. Automation tester wanted someone should click her pic from top of the fort and she would lay-down below in steep slope ground which would give an impression that she had fallen down from fort. Her favorite TV serial was “Crime Patrol” and “Shavdhan India” that why such kind of thoughts were coming on her mind.

Jr.QA had took the photo and then we moved ahead, till that time we were almost tired so decided to wind up this journey. While returning from fort we got stuck in huge traffic where both ways were blocked completely and people were trying to clear this traffic by adjusting the bikes and cars. After 20-30 minutes we saw some movement in traffic and decided to go “Khadakwasla Dam”, where we had Pani-Puri and Chips and spend quality of time there.

At last, we returned to our home at around 4:00 PM.

Memories of Sinhgad Fort locked below:

Title: Sinhgad Trekking Memories
Visited: 11/June/2016

Thanks to my team (Automation Tester and Jr. QA tester) for making the trip awesome.

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