Monday, June 20, 2016

MadFest 2016 !!!

MadFest (All For Fun; Fun For All): A few weeks ago, we had secured one more season of MadFest with grand celebration.  Hope you enjoyed all the events along with your work. Firstly I would like to say thanks to all of you for actively participating and watching this space.

I am penning down some memorable moments which were captured during the season and about the genesis of MadFest.

Well someone said correctly that MadFest is a festival or platform to show your madness in public. Individually we show our Madness or Masti with whom; we are very close, but madness together with new faces is different. MadFest was started in Morgan Account, Capgemini, Pune at 2008 and great mind behind this; was given by Ravi Punjabi. He would be feeling proud to see this initiative at that degree because in general when we start any new things, then we never assume that it would go at that extent.

Since 2008, 7 seasons are completed successfully. Each & every year new things are getting evolved and competition adopted tougher rules because of new evolving talents. In parallel some people created remarkable records which would be hard for others to break it. Would you like to know about that person? He is a well-known person and his captaincy is the example. 5 times in a row, his team won the MadFest trophy, but now he has taken “Sanyas” from the coach position and decided to be a part of Core team only. I hope you guessed that person , but let me add his name here for others – “Himanshu Gupta”

Moving to next two faces “Manjunath and Ram” – Main executor of all the events in collaboration with Core team member (including planning, brainstorming, logistic arrangement, implementation, scoring and reporting). Sometime it seems that they are also following the SDLC or STLC process in the eventsJ. There are many more people as well, but above four are persistent from long time.

Let me share my view on MadFest, Initially when I got to know about this festival...First thought came to my mind “Waste of time”, but I was wrong. Slowly-Slowly each event added more enthusiasm and started enjoying the fun. Now MadFest is on my vein…

MadFest is a festival, whosoever win is the secondary element, but primarily it binds us with an invisible thread of friendship, mutual understanding, team spirit and many more. It provides us an opportunity to interact with new people and work together even though we are sailing different boats. It provides us a platform to showcase our hidden talent and achieve a common goal.

Have you ever noticed that how much productive we are? Let me explain here… Generally if someone will ask you for coffee, snacks or team activities at your odd time, then we mostly deny with saying these facts that “I have lot of works and calls…. I need to provide production support… I have a release this week so need to complete the testing or development” but… During the MadFest time we do effective time management & complete our tasks prior to the events and participate it without hampering the deliverable even though situation as same as previous.

This is the event where audience enjoys a lot as compared to participants. They cheers for their team, motivate them and sometime also doing expert commentaries for other team. I do remember few of those commentaries; will add below after some para... MadFest event reached new height of success, not because of participants only… the main key player of MadFest; according to me is audience – Without their support and feedback there is no way to achieve it.

This year MadFest 2016 included below list of events:

·         Rangoli  & Traditional Dress Competition
·         Carrom Board
·         Tug of War
·         Cricket
·         Cubical Decoration
·         Dumb Charades
·         One Min Game
·         Morgan Got Talent
·         Quiz
·         Antakshri

Last year, we had – Killer Chess, Table Tennis, Treasure Hunt (in place of above highlighted). Let’s move to some expert comments which are whispered during the events:

Traditional Dress:

·         When a lady entered with Orissa traditional get up & showing her performance to judge– then we people at backstage were doing the mimicry – How to make a cup of tea? (Writing here in short but we did in detailed).
·         When BajiRao entered then we did “Telebrand ad about hair loss & product”
·         When Sardar Ji entered then we did mimicry of Sunny Deol Paaji – Famous dialogues of film Gadar, Damini and etc. e.g. – “Hindustan zindabaad”, “Taarik Pe Taarik Pe Taarik Milti Rahi Mujhe Is Account Me Judge Sahab but Insaaf nhi mila – Pehli Taarik ko Ek project ka kaam Dete hain .. Dushri taarik ko dushra project aur appraisal end me mil jati hain ek nayi taarik”


·         Bowler thoda dhyan se batsman KO gussa aagaya to tera account or RSA token deactivate ho jayega…
·         Final match, we had one Etihasik Over during that time – Comments from other team for their batsman (woman) – Yahi over hain bus khade raho apni jagah apne aap jeet jayenge …
Esha over baar baar nhi milega …

Tug of War:

·         Some body builders were also participated – comment for them: Kya bhai 15 ande & chicken khane k baad bhi rassi kheech nhi paye…
·         Match was happening b/w different team and people were shouting YOLO YOLO…

Note: Please take the above comments on lighter note; there is no personal grudge with anyone. The above elements are the part of fun.

There are many things to share with you all but space is limited. Before closing, this chapter I would like to draw your attention on one point – One of my project team member, she was in Titan team and told me that this time you people didn’t win because “HG” was not in your team (She was referring to Himanshu Gupta, last year Himanshu was in our team (Morgan Flyers) and we won. Maybe she concluded because of the past records of HG) but this time Titan also won because of HG factor (Harshpal Gandhi). In short wherever we have HG factor that team is taking the trophy J

To make MadFest 2016 moments memorable forever for all of you; I have compressed all the memories of the events (which I have taken around 6+ GB) into 600 MB video and making it public so that you can refer the below link any time. Here we go:- 

Title : MadFest 2016
Link :

Thanks to all of you for watching this space. If you really like this post & video then please do share your feedback or memories on below comment section because it is valuable for us. I will be waiting for your response …